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The other day I was passing by a large pot out in my garden. As I began to peek in to see if anything was there (other than dirt), I chuckled to myself. You see, I’ve been sloshing some water in there and checking on this pot for many weeks now and there’s nothing. Months ago I threw some seed pods in there, and that began the process. The process of trusting the Universe that indeed these would grow.

As a matter of fact, there’s been no evidence that anything has any hope of sprouting there, yet I keep watering and watching. And hoping. Some days I know. I know that of course they will grow and be happy, healthy thriving plants. Other days I am sure all the pods have died and there is no point in watering. In peering in. No point in talking and cheering them on. Yet I do.

This is quite similar to what many of us do in our business. Despite the fact that there is NO plant contained within a seed, the possibility of a plant is there. Just as there is NO business contained in our beginning thoughts and dreams, yet indeed with the correct support and direction, it will become something amazing.

So, yes, I did peer in and to my surprise I saw a teeny tiny shoot of green! YIPPEE!! Finally, I get to be right, I get to feel smart for cultivating a pile of dirt with no seeming qualities of possibility. My faith and trust had won out! Deciding not to stop watering, to continue to believe was paying off!

Now a couple of weeks later there are seven small shoots sprouting. And each time I look at these babies I smile. Soon, they will outgrow this pot and need to be moved and nurtured to the next level if they are to thrive. To me this is a lot like our businesses. Our idea for their creation is the seed. Our dreams and vision is the water, along with our daily action to make it real.

Each day we take actions that align with our beliefs and hopes, which brings us closer to creating a full mature ‘thing’ of beauty.

We get to decide. Notice, what it is you’re planting and planning for each day. Notice the level of faith and trust you have in the Universe delivering on this vision, and each day PLEASE do water and fertilize, to bring in this conscious creation we call Business and Life.

Your nuggets:
*Never give up

*Have faith

*Keep planting those seeds for success, as more seeds mean a higher yield
*And… You’ve got to add water & fertilize your garden for it to be healthy!

Note: When building your business and brand, it may seem that your success isn’t in process. Do not give up! Look to work with an expert who can show you the way, and help to make it much easier to ‘fertilize’ with your own special sauce. That’s how great brands are grown.

Stay Unforgettable,




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  • Kevin Hong

    Hi Judy, loved the post a ton. Just as a quick question, how do you know if you’re “planting” these seeds for yourself in healthy and productive ways?

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