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Being a business owner isn’t easy, and for many tech-nomads it can be even more challenging if we’re not surrounded by others all day, but back in the home office grinding it out all alone.

Further, its my understanding that we have had lots of global energies that may be confusing or (as with the moons and eclipses) there are cyclical times that trigger certain doubts, fears and concerns, without us even being aware of it!

What happens when we feel this way and don’t know why- or know that we have to get ‘moving’ but can’t seem to… we start with the bugs.

You know those critters that can be found in various sizes, they attack almost unseen. We have all sorts in Florida where I’m based. Especially the super teeny ones that appear suddenly in kitchens or baths and can be somewhat insidious. Yes, I’m talking about ANTS.

In this case though, I’m talking about your mental ANTS. Those automatic negative thoughts that derail, disturb and definitely mess up our world!

This last couple weeks a few of my clients have shown up with visible and invisible ANTS… and Yes, even I have been besieged a bit with those pesky creatures!

Did you know that most of our thoughts are recurring? Some researchers even claim that 80-98% of our thoughts are repeated Daily!!! WTH?!?! So those negative thoughts are mostly a bit like old friends that still hang around even though you think you’ve outgrown them. Purging these thoughts takes some conscious action, a bit of vigilance and a few new practices.

Here are 3 things to get you started on killing those icky ANTS:

  1. This one is something I share with my new clients to up their awareness: Take a sheet of paper and put it somewhere central in your space. When you have one of ‘those’ thoughts, jot it down. Try to write it exactly as you think it. Awareness is the first step. Do this for a week or two. And be liberal with them. You have more than 10 I assure you.
  1. Next, use a bit of Byron Katie to discern if these thoughts are true. Ask yourself: Is this true? How do I know its true? If its not true move on… if it IS true, figure out how to deal with it and Kill it.
  1. Then, create a New thought. What are you thinking that isn’t true? For instance: I’m not doing enough to _______. How about shifting that to: Each day I take action towards my dreams, and they ARE coming true! Then add in the evidence to know that is the case and you are on your way.
  1. If you want a short cut to all this you can try this.. repeat to yourself some new thoughts. Positive ones. I use: I’m an incredible Manifester… or I LOVE my life and am loved too! Things like that allow you to shift your energy and alter how the Universe responds to you. 

In less than 90 days you can kill ’em, create some New and empowering neuro-pathways, and most of all you will find yourself feeling an inner peace you may not have had access to previously.

Stay your Unforgettable self!,









J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. 



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  • Cliftonguest

    Judy winslow, thanks! And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!

    • Judy winslow

      Thanks so much for your comment Tony, I love doing these and its great to hear they are useful! Love what you’re up to, looks like a Blast!! Have an awesome week and Keep Killing those ANTS!!

  • Jim Allen

    Hi Judy:
    Nice perspective on dealing with negative thoughts that derail you from your goals. I especially like the idea of writing them down as a means to build awareness. Sometimes you may not even realize a negative attitude is creeping in. Great tips!

    • Judy winslow

      Thanks for adding in Jim! Appreciate your thoughts…and hope you try this idea. If you do, let us know!

      • Jim Allen

        Hi Judy:
        Thanks. I have tried keeping a journal for the past 2 months, writing down both positive and negative thoughts in 2 columns. It is interesting to see how the balance has shifted toward more positive thoughts over time.
        As you suggested, this has also helped me become more aware of the negative thoughts, which is a first step in dealing with them constructively.

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