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When I was young I was extremely shy. Still am, only then it was much worse. As a result, I didn’t have many friends…in my mind, I felt different, like a weirdo who didn’t fit in. AND I pretty much didn’t, although it wasn’t evident as to why which I constantly tried to figure out (similar to business owners who look to stand out in their marketplace, to ‘fix’ business when things go awry). It was rather painful and I was pretty depressed about it, and during this time it was impossible to unravel how to make a shift, to change my result and be seen differently by those who I wanted to ‘see’ me.

You may relate and if not, think of a time when you felt different. It was likely not a great experience. After all, many of us spend our lives wanting to fit in. Simply put, that’s how our culture and society are structured. However, that is NOT of service to you or your Brand, or your business for that matter.

Years later what did I grow up to do? Show business owners how to stand out, how to translate and add value with their differences. I realized this as I started to work, sitting with VP’s of huge Fortune 500 companies… they were so busy looking at what everyone else was doing they were missing out on their opportunity to be different. To illustrate how special they truly are. Part of what I do is help people SEE that they are different and then to EMBRACE that and integrate it. For a profit, yes, but also to live their true purpose.

You see, for all of us:

Your journey holds the clues….
Everything we’ve been through has Value… from the tortured youth, to the horrid divorce, to the struggles/challenges/failures you may be experiencing now. Each is happening so we can be of better service on our path.

We each have a BRAND story:
What I’ve just shared is a slice of my Brand Story… and we each have one. Yes, your business has one, as do each of us. DON’T undervalue your Brand Story. Look for the threads that point you… that show you WHY you’re here and the purpose you have as it unfolds. Use it to connect to your market, and develop products and services.

We each have a voice that’s worth sharing. I had no idea I’d do this for a living… Yet now it seems perfect as my life’s path has unfolded… What’s your WHY for being on this planet?

Great brands stand out... By embracing your differences you’re better able to stand out from the perceived competition and build a better business and model.. To make it easier for you to monetize and to better serve your clientele.

Your TWIST is valuable No one sees the world as you do. This acronym for The Way I See Things is a way for you to get clear that your perspective is translatable. Look to understand it, embrace it, then you can begin to monetize it.

So your assignment is this:
1. Look at some of your memories…
2. Notice the threads that appear, that have occurred and reoccurred over time…
3. What can you learn about your Brand Story and HOW can you integrate it into your work.
4. Now… Today.

Remember: Great Brands Stand Out. Every one you admire does so, and any of us can too, once we choose a new perspective on events. This could be the most cost effective and powerful bit of strategic planning you’ve done for your Brand in awhile. Use your past to serve your future. That’s exactly what successful businesses do repeatedly.


Stay Unforgettable,




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  • Raymond Huan

    Hi Judy, very interesting perspective, thank you for the post!

    • Judy winslow

      Thanks Raymond, so glad you stopped by for a read!

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