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Last week I was stuck in an airport…. With over 4 hours to hang out. I decided to have some fun with it (rather than get mad for missing my connection), so I had a leisurely dinner and wandered around some. Since this wasn’t a planned stop I eventually landed at a seat where my tech could recharge since I’d used mine up. Not surprisingly it was a very popular area, almost every seat was taken, so I sat next to a young guy who eventually chatted with me.

What he said was very interesting. His work was in the science realm, he did very specialized work I had never heard of. When I asked him how he learned about this area, he said that he had ‘stumbled into it’ after leaving the Army. After asking more questions it was discovered that he had never thought about how the Army helped with his present career. This is not unlike many I work with, often we don’t think about the clues that connect through our lives and HOW they relate to our business.

Some of us are accidental business owners having stumbled upon our present circumstance, others have stumbled upon their clientele, and then there are those who are consciously designing their business and future. My clients do just that.

What I noticed as this man shared is that he did not have a plan. He had noticed that his boss was not interested in leaving and observed that in his organization it wasn’t likely he could leapfrog over him, so he’d need to move on to move up. That’s also what we need to do when a strategy or service we provide isn’t working. That’s the time to take a hard look and design something new. He felt his boss wasn’t leaving because he was comfortable, and my new friend observed that he wasn’t content with comfortable, he wanted to stretch and continue to learn and evolve.

He was saying he was a leader without even realizing it. Leaders don’t like to be stagnate. Leaders know that learning and stretching isn’t about anyone other than themselves and their vision, but they also see that others need to come along for the team to grow into their next phase.

We began to talk about his skills and strengths and how they might transfer to his next endeavor. As we did so, we tied in all his experiences, rather than focusing on the present, we looked at the threads that were unfolding to weave into his future. The light went on in his eyes so I knew we were on to something… always a big kick for me! I could see his awareness shifting, extending his appreciation of his journey to date. His years in the military, his interest in tinkering and his natural gifts for finding out how things can work better than they do at present. We parted ways, but it was clear he was percolating on possibilities as he went on his way.

•    Keep moving, the path WILL appear.
•    Your gifts are woven through all that you’ve done to date…and will be in the future. Discovering these will accelerate your growth.
•    Your journey holds the clues… your past can intersect with your future to help you make a BIGGER difference and pave the way for your future with ease.

Each of us has a unique story to tell of our journey, which informs our future. Don’t let it go to waste! Use all that you are to move you forward into positively powerful business, brand and marketing opportunities. If I can help, do let me know. We’ll use this info to help YOU accelerate for take off!!

Stay Unforgettable,




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  • Kevin Hong

    Definitely a big fan of spending time to reflect and learn about ourselves. How might someone know that we’re connecting the dots in a productive way for ourselves?

    • Judy winslow

      Hi Kevin! Connecting dots is always a good idea… It’s my feeling that this can be highly individualized, we all have our own way to connect and measure ‘productivity’ in various areas. I often recommend defining one of your Delicious Habits and take yourself there to reflect, whether its designing the measureables or observing outcomes. Either way, the idea is to feel good and acknowledge progress. What are your thoughts here?

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