10 Lessons from AwesomenessFest 2015

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From bonding with my ‘tribe’ during the boat ride that included this beautiful sunset, to many unforgettable conversations and life altering A-HA moments, these past few weeks are almost indescribable – but I will try. 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you a collection of quotes gathered from speakers that have had me shift how I look at my life and the world in profound ways. I encourage you to read them in that spirit, and see what is there for you today as you move into planning the year ahead and all it will hold for you.

See which ones feel true for you, then look to see where in your life you can apply them. And do yourself a favor and apply to attend an Afest. It is a curated group, well worth the application process to be there. It truly is a gift to attend.

From Lisa Nichols – transformational coach:
Life is a series of breakthroughs—- Sometimes I wasn’t ready for the breakthrough but the breakthrough was ready for me.

Recognize that convenience and conviction will never live on the same block.

Who you’ve been is NOT who you will always be.

Comparison is the thief of all joy… NO ONE is like YOU! trying to be so is the kiss of death, the failure of your souls mission.

From Alfred Kendrick- Fit Arts LA:
Life is full of options,
And there are different ways of winning
Please know life is more than your opinion!

From Vishen Lakhiani- MindValley founder and creator of AwesomenessFest:
Be unrealistic! Set big goals and then take baby steps… life isn’t a straight line, you can always course correct

What would you do if you had 10 years to achieve your BIG vision and you knew you couldn’t fail?

Happiness is not the point of life… its actually fulfillment that is critical, that changes the world, that gives your life meaning.

From Anthony Trucks — ex NFL/trainer/coach:
EGO = Everyone’s Greatest Obstacles

From Marisa Peers – hypnotherapist:
First you make your beliefs… then your beliefs make you.

And a bonus from Vishen:

Take MOONSHOTS—- they have such power. You reach for the moon and find big ideas no one else can see, then end up innovating where even you hadn’t known about.

So reach for the moon my friends, find inspiration wherever you can, and do your best to consciously engineer the best life and business you can. You’ll then be living with more riches than you ever imagined.

Enjoy this Unforgettable Adventure!





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  • Cat Payen

    Judy I love this post. So refreshing and enjoyable – makes more sense of my own notes! Thanks and great to meet you. Cat
    Cat Payen recently posted…Comment on Uninspired Marketing! by Bas NooyMy Profile

    • Judy winslow

      Thanks so much for your comment Cat! Great to meet you too, each of these quotes has had an impact on my thinking and I’m glad to share them with my peeps…Love the #AwesomenessFest experiences!

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