6 Tips to Getting Your Brand Unstuck …
Brain Candy — Part 1

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For those of us that thrill at the thought of growth and increasing the reach of our business, it can be extremely frustrating and challenging when, for whatever reason, business stalls out.


Most often business owners seek me out when this has occurred for a period of time, long enough to feel alarming and often reflected in their bottom line. Its either flat-lined or is descending. The other scenario is that they are ready to grow yet are lacking certainty as to the HOW to do so.


To ensure continued success and an upward trend for your own pursuits its useful to re-visit and assess these critical areas, then design your next steps accordingly. Remember one can move much faster when we know where we’re headed. (otherwise we’re more likely to chase our tails)


In this series I’ll share six essential M&M’s… Brain Candy for the Business Owner, which have been found to isolate essential areas that can greatly effect and alter your business development. When taking apart your business to its cellular level you’ll see that every item will fit into one of these categories.


1. Mindset:

In the dictionary this is defined by a ‘fixed state of mind’ (makes me crazy when they use the word in the definition isn’t there a law about that?). An interesting description in that this being ‘fixed’ is not always of service throughout our lives, plus many of our beliefs are fixed when we are quite young. By other people! Yet, how we think and what we believe determines our outcomes.


Years ago I had a client who was in sales. She shared an office with another sales guy who was always complaining and had a hard time getting clients. She on the other hand was positive and upbeat. Each had clients with similar dispositions to their own. Mistake? I don’t think so. Guess who was more successful in the long term.

You may know that your outer world reflects your inner world and this is also true when building your brand. What beliefs to you have that could be holding you back now? We all have them.


As we define those that are no longer of service we area able to choose new thoughts that will fit our present and future desires. Working with a Brandologist will allow us to identify and eradicate detrimental beliefs faster and more effectively.


Often I will ask my clients to imagine their business bringing in 5x more than it is presently… then 10x more. Can you imagine that? Can you see yourself getting there easily and stress-free? The answer may not be immediately apparent so let the question percolate. Seeing it in our minds’ eye is the first step to making it real…. and this is how we begin to make the impossible – possible.

2. Model

Each of us chooses to construct our business, similar to choosing the style of home we reside in. You may have noticed that most businesses are done in a particular way, yet many of those models are actually outdated for today’s marketplace. This is an amazing time and opportunity for all of us, its SO exciting! We are shifting the paradigm in multiple industries and categories, inventing new ones, redefining what works for our stage of life. Look at the business models you see as successful and which you feel are best for your business…assess if this is solid and true or is there anything that could use improvement. Any revenue streams to add for instance… anything that could bridge the gap between the vision for biz/life/income and the model to achieve it.


One way to begin this process is to look outside of your own industry. Innovators are constantly using the ideas of others to integrate and refine for their own use. Put your creativity hat on to play with some new ideas. I often share the story of the drive in window, which showed up in 1947. Ray Croc from McDonalds had an employee that could see the value, and pushed it forward until Ray implemented. Consider how many other industries have borrowed this idea since then. Pharmacies, banks, liquor stores, dry cleaners… quite diverse yet all are finding the idea useful. Start looking at ideas you might adapt for yourself to add value to your customer experience.


This is one of the most joyful ways I ‘play’ with my clients, as we cook up crazy ideas that are known as ‘peanut butter cups’. This + that = something NEW! Try it, and let me know how you do.


As you continue to hone an align these ideas you’ll add to the design of your Brand Plan… also known as your M.A.P. (Motivated Action Plan) that will give you the next steps to follow to move forward on your business journey.


Then stay tuned for Part Two of this series, I’ll be back with additional M&M’s soon! I’m sharing these in bites so that you’ll have time to ponder and work with them, rather than read and dismiss. Going deeper will yield the gold.  🙂


And as always,
Stay Unforgettable!





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