6 Tips to Getting Your Brand Unstuck — Part II

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Now that you’ve had time to digest Part 1 of this series (which can be found here if you missed it), we can dive into the next M&M’s… which will directly relate to those we discussed regarding your Mindset and Model. Your model will reflect your expertise and allow you to stand out from any perceived competitors. Continued curiosity about these areas will open up new options and are useful to revisit quarterly so you can course adjust for greater success. After all, no one on the planet has had your unique journey, nor will they serve in the same way you can.


Next up, is the challenge of effectively communicating these differences to your audience. It’s time to look again at your message:


3. Message

Your message directly relates to how your clients see and think of you. These key phrases position you as top-of-mind when your client is ready to and needs a service such as those you provide. You’ll want to stay away from overused words such as: integrity, reliable, affordable… any word that is worn out and tired, and has become meaningless in our culture.


Do an exercise to use new ideas and perspectives to explain what you do. Find the essence of your message through stories of past client successes. Recall those case studies and find the recurring themes, then condense those down to fewer than 10 words. The range of 5-7 is best.


You can start to loosen your creative muscles by recalling those brand messages that have impressed you over time. Find at least 3-5, then see how your message could use those ‘bones’ to build your own.

For instance:   When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight
Just DO it
I can’t believe I ate the whole thing

How can these phrases be re-worked to describe what you do? Have fun with this, it can yield amazing results!


Or, brainstorm the message you want to get out to the world about who you are and what you do? It can be bullet points for now… but do include all you can think of, don’t worry about condensing or censoring. Then play with a number of options and use a focus group of past clients and colleagues to pare them down.


Or, use post it notes to jot down your thoughts… as many as possible in 15 minutes… then move them around till you have some new phrases or ways to express your message. Keep playing till you find the ones that resonate most with you and your ideal client groups.


You’ll feel your way into this, don’t try to be super logical here. The joy is in the journey and the willingness to experiment.


4. Money

In our world, there’s such a charge around money, many people don’t even want to address it. If this is the case, its critical to revisit #1 – Mindset – to examine why… Your beliefs around money – how much you want (exact #s), what you have, the gap, how you see to get where you envision.. anything that may be blocking you in regards to your money stories. We can not get where we want to go without money, or creating the value that will make us proud to offer our services, and clients will find worthy and valuable to receive.


One of the most wonderful parts of having more money is that you can then share your message/service/product with more people.. and isn’t that why we’re here? Let’s realize our dreams and make a greater impact around this globe. It’s now time to look at how you’re structuring the finances of your business.


Start here by moving away from what’s always been done. Look always to package your services to allow you to stand out from the crowd, to rise above the noise of the marketplace. Recently I was asked about my services in terms of an hourly fee… which only indicated to me that this is how they think of themselves. They were forgetting about the VALUE of the service. If I can teach you how to double your revenue in a few hours, would that be worth more than taking a year to do so? Most would say Yes. The fee would then be more than reasonable. What is the ROI on any investment you make? That is a more appropriate question to ask yourself with anything you do.


What is it that you do that sets you apart? This could have been uncovered by the previous topics in our Brain Candy series. If not, please revisit those. As you create your package, as you begin to bundle your Unique Unforgettable Offerings, you’ll see the value increase and will then adjust your fees to reflect that.


Please note that both of these activities are quite challenging to do alone, its best to have a mentor or advisor assist. If you’re ready for these conversations, you may be ready to book a FRE.E Brand Expansion Discovery Session with me OR a SuperStar Session to uncover additional opportunities and directions.


Give yourself some time and space to process all of this. Go for a walk, or sit by the water to allow your inner guidance to speak. Then dive in and play as directed or find another way to unleash your Unforgettable plans for personal up-leveling. Your business will certainly benefit as will those you serve.

And as always,
Stay Unforgettable!





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