6 Tips to Getting Your Brand Unstuck — Part III

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Now that you’ve had time to digest the previous articles in this series (which can be found here if you missed them), we can now wrap up with the next phase which is by NO means the end of the discussion… these are equally critical to your Grand Brand Plan! 

There are 2 more critical areas to consider to bring home your handful of M&M’s… they taste great and will leave you feeling amazing too.  🙂

5. Marketing

Now its time to really get excited, because its time to get all that you’ve discovered out into the world!! Yippee!!


Your marketing is the opportunity to choose WHERE you send the info that’s been created while continuing to flex your creative muscles. For those of you who think “I Hate Marketing”, please listen up.  🙂

The BIGGEST tip here is to focus on what you love to do. If you enjoy networking do more of that. Love writing or speaking, then focus here. Choose two primary outlets and focus there for best results.


Don’t use budget as an excuse not to market (as so many do). It isn’t true, as there is no budget too small not to market. If you can buy a cup of coffee you can afford to market.


The other day I visited a company to discuss marketing. The owners had a ton of reasons not to do much more than they were already although they were looking to increase their results. Well, the truth is that if you don’t do something new then your results likely will not vary. (duh, the definition of insanity here). If you want something new, its time to for something new! Its that simple. Not all at once, you can take steps, but certain steps yield certain results. It’s simple logic.


On the other hand I’ve had clients take the time to find what they love and Leverage that to create amazing results! That’s the ticket for sure. Love parties, do that. Love teaching then do that. We can find a way for you to love marketing, that is a promise!


The top opportunities right now are:

Direct Mail
Strategic Partners


List more if you’d like. Then, pick two and dig in. Address your ideal clients, drill down to be sure the problem you solve is important to them. Be consistent and commit to doing so for at least one year. Then Be yourself, use what you’ve learned so far, and tweak along the way. Most of all — have FUN! and you will begin to Be Unforgettable.



6. Magic
Yes, the last M stands for Magic.


This is your own personal perspective and all you bring to your work life. This is your own personal spin. The perspectives that only YOU can add to any project or situation… what strengths you have that are your secret weapons, that on every gig shows up even when you’re not certain of outcomes… the secret sauce that only you possess.

Please do not think this is unimportant because it was listed last. It is THE juice that fuels all else. I can not over-state this! Your business and its magical brand is the NUMBER ONE opportunity we have as adults to be fully self expressed. The business you’re creating is the divine intersection of your magic, your strengths, creative ideas and your chance to create freedom while creating an impact in the world.


One of the best ways to uncover your magic is to begin to notice it yourself!  So often high-achievers are quite hard on ourselves, so now its time to move beyond that. Every day notice where you have added to every event you attend, to all the activities you’re involved in, to every interaction. What is Magic here, your own special T.W.I.S.T (the way I see things), that allows for outcomes that would not have existed without you? Track this for a few weeks and you’ll begin to have new insights to be translated, that can be monetized and make a difference for others.


Think of it this way: Your MAGIC  + Model/Message/Mindset + Your MARKETING = YOUR Version of SUCCESS!


A new chapter will be beginning as you notice, focus and design your opportunities moving forward. All that’s required is some time, permission and observation skills, then the time and space to design and implement new strategies to take you there.


Have questions? Let me know! Your M&M’s are essentials to designing the business that you’re meant to have, to serve as only YOU can, to live an Unforgettable Life as you contribute to the world beyond yourself. It begins with an inner journey, yet it is reflected and expressed in the world at large.


Embrace it…
And enjoy this Unforgettable Adventure!





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