8 Truths to Reach our Dreams

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Well, here we are.. its February…. and truly some days I feel like its June and others I feel like it can only be Jan 2nd (still SO much to DO!!). My clients and overheard conversation snippets bring up the symptoms that would for sure be identified as Overwhelm and Burnout. Not that you don’t have drive, interest in success or a desire to have your business spread its message. NO! Just the opposite. The problem becomes when we get caught in a cycle that isn’t serving us and it grinds us into the ground when the race has barely begun.


Many don’t know that for over 10 years I too battled burnout and the rollercoaster of productivity and overwhelm, riding from doing too much to doing nothing at all — because I couldn’t even get out of bed!


Yes, this forced me to become uber productive when I was feeling good, and since then I’ve learned how to protect my wellness so that Burnout can be a thing of the past.

1. Design your business to fit your energy, clients and offerings.
This is an amazing time to be in business as we are reinventing paradigms daily. Do your own due diligence to decide how to best serve your clients, and yourself. There is no one way to do this, so you may want support as its time to look for the best fit to be of greater service and to evolve along with the latest in technology and lifestyle design. Your Brand depends on this ONE exercise!


2.Stop drinking or eating sugar for 90 days.
If you are not feeling well or finding energy to be an issue, the fastest path to change is to give up alcohol and sugar to see how they effect you. This is appropriate for anyone who may experience bouts of depression or mood swings, has some trouble sleeping or with indigestion, or anytime life is just TOO much. Often we can self-medicate when things get a bit crazy, and I’m suggesting you do the opposite. Now is the time to meditate, and cut back on unhealthy eating to keep you sane and centered.


3. Have more fun.
If you’re thinking you can’t have fun without drinking or sugar, then we need to talk! That’s not what this is about at all.. this is about laughter, lightness, play and moving beyond your office and home. I will often ask my clients to identify their 10 Delicious Habits so when they ‘forget’ how to chill and appreciate life, they can have an easy reminder available. When we play we’re far more creative and better at problem solving. Even taking a dance break during your day can alter your state and vibration.


4. Analyze exactly what actions will give you the highest rate of return.
This may pertain to serving your clients, designing your business, or developing strategies to meat your desired milestones. Be SMART and look for the way that will deliver the fastest path, Taking the time to do so will save time, money and lots of frustration (you know, the kind that leads to overwhelm and burnout?). Often this is a hybrid of your current services and strategies so see where blending will hope you AND allow you to stand out from the crowd.


5. Find a coach to help with strategy and focus.
There truly is a reason why those who are at the top of their game have multiple coaches. Of course there are scads of reasons WHY its important, what’s critical is to get the coach/mentor that’s right for you NOW, and for your next phase of growth. Ask questions, make sure you’re a fit and they see your vision before bringing them on board. Your investment here should have a considerable ROI over time.


6. Identify the ONE marketing action that will bring in new clients more quickly.
Once you know what you prefer as a marketing method, you can really get intentional. Whether writing, speaking, or even partying, what is it that gets you excited as a way to share about your business? Find that and focus there. There are SO many ways to mix and mingle with your potential clients, yet most of us revert to wanting that magic bullet, rather than a recipe. Find your best, then learn how to leverage that to expand your platform. Yes, you will need assistance with this to do it well, but that’s business for you. Like life, its a team sport to make the most of it.


7. Take one person you admire to lunch every week.
So often I speak with people who are lacking focus or who are SO focused on their website or FB page that they forget that we have to drive traffic here to be effective. Otherwise, it won’t matter, you’ll be a tiny sand on a very large beach. Take the time to figure out WHO is your ideal client and WHERE to find them, then go hang out with them and build relationships in person. All that is research for your online identity and content, so its worth every moment and can be less expensive. If you can afford a team, start looking at what you can delegate to someone with more expertise in each area.


8. Get more sleep
Yes folks this is true. Sleeping heals, it restores and is the time for us to refresh our cellular structure. Sleep is a wonderful medicine that is under utilized as most adults complain of not enough sleep. Add an hour and you may be shocked at the effects. You’ll be more creative, much more patient with yourself and others, be a better problem solver, you’ll spot more opportunities, have more energy to give every action through the day, and most of all you’ll just feel damn Good! So please, get more sleep.


The first person who has to set us up for success is US. That’s right, no one can do it for you, and ONLY YOU know when you’re overdoing the behavior that will lead to a result that will ruin your business and your health. 

We have BIG dreams for 2016, and lots to do, so let’s make sure we’re ready and able to make it all happen. WE have to create the right conditions for our own growth, to BE the leaders we are destined to be.






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  • Alan

    Interesting article and list of 8 things to do.

    • Judy winslow

      Thanks for stopping by for a read Alan!!

  • Jason Santiago

    Here’s a heartfelt thanks on sharing your thoughts here in this article. It made me motivated to push forward with work this day. Good day to you!

    • Judy winslow

      Thanks for your comment Jason! I deeply appreciate the opportunity to do so, thanks for reading! 🙂

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