A brand is NOT a logo — or IS it?

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Branding. We all know it’s a buzz word these days, most business owners know its important, however may not feel they ‘need’ it.

Big business, small business, individuals — all not only NEED a brand, you are already a brand. Even beyond this statement, there is a massive misunderstanding about why and what a Brand truly is, its value to you and your business, and then the HOW of creating one without spending billions as big brands do.

The fact is that since you were born, you have been developing as a brand. Perhaps not consciously, yet you have.

Here’s a story that illustrates this for you a bit:

If I’m honest about myself I would say that I’m sensitive, a bit quirky, quite a young spirit, creative, enjoy problem solving, have an eye/ear for trends, find kindness and humor to be critical components… and that’s just to name a bit of what makes me tick. Each and every one of these words describe my personal brand, as well as my professional identity.

Consider this: A Brand is not a logo, its not your website, biz cards, head shots, culture, signage, ads, truck, uniform, Press Release, wardrobe or sales funnel…. or anything else you can think of. Truly it is all of this and so much more. You, the business owner, infuse and imbue everything you create with your brand attributes, that is true, AND just as we can create ourselves to have a certain perception, our businesses can be consciously designed as a Brand. That’s one of the joys of being part of a business.

Each of us is a walking talking brand. When you were a child, you were described by your parents and friends in certain language, and as you have grown some of those have changed, many have not.

You may be ambitious, a big thinker, liberal or someone who is cautious.
You personal style may be conservative, quirky, or perhaps classy.
Your work may be described as professional, forward thinking, strategic.
Your business could be co-operative, essential, of service.

All of these words reflect your Brand attributes which may be consciously intended or not. Each will be woven into the items listed earlier… and beyond.

Want to identify your Brand? Then begin by asking these questions:
* When I was a child how was I described?
* How would I have described myself?
* Name 3 people you admire and list what about them is admirable. Do you have those traits as well?
* Do the same with 3 companies you admire.
* Then 3 you think are awful and unscrupulous… what attributes do they possess? Do you avoid these at all costs? This is pertinent to your brand too.

Of course there’s more to all of this than that… but this will give you some insights as to your own true brand.

When your business and work life are created by design this is your brand. This is where you begin to develop a strategic plan, to address every aspect of your business to create your vision.


There was a time when a Brand was perceived as a logo and perhaps a package… this was never the case. Its time for you to have the information that all the major companies use to consciously create, plan and implement, as well as forecast their future projects and intentions.


This too is what I call: Brandology. The science of creating your future. Of bringing your best to your strategic development.

When you want to start flying at work, take the time to unravel your brand. It will save you money, stress, and allow for a future far beyond any perceived competition.


BE Unforgettable!,




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