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It’s February. The month of LOVE. You’ll likely be receiving all sorts of messages this month about Love and how you can have more of it, love will be connected to every product and service out there. Kind of til we gag on it. Even those of who Love to Love! We’ve all been reduced to a money making opportunity. Which is NOT the only way to do business! 




In today’s world many are having a difficult time finding love. We want it, we crave it, we reach for it… but how are we to achieve it? Certainly that question remains in March, or August any other time of year. But now we are hyper focused on this ONE item. Are you feeling it too?




Few of us consider what role Love plays in our success as humans or business owners. We believe we do, but rarely is that true, as its not a one and done sort of activity. Recently a client of mine left me a message which correlated her own personal growth as a leader of her business with her awareness that she was now loving herself more which lead to having new expectations (of boundaries amongst other things).  There’s so many benefits to loving ourselves more that reflect in our work lives, this is only  a glimmer of what’s possible.




Participating in loving communities has the potential to alter our lives too. From the support we receive, to the beliefs and values that we share, to the conversations that emanate from those who live in a loving fashion we alter what’s available, what’s possible, what can be created.




Most of our society is well aware of what happens when we operate from hate, but IMO not enough focus is placed on Love and generating from a place of love. I believe we’re moving into a time that will change all that. It begins with you. It begins with me.




Ask yourself, how can I design a more loving business?


How can I interact with my clients in a more loving way? As collaborators and co-creators, rather than ‘closing’ them.

How can I alter your language to reflect this new position?


Will I  join different communities? Hire differently? Offer a new way to work with your company?


Would I design your strategy to ‘kill it’ differently?

I sure hope you’ve got the capacity to know another way. When I began to offer from a space of service and giving my own outcomes changed.




For this month, I’m doing a Love offering. If you’d like to accept, please contact me for a Brand Audit for free. Twenty minutes with no sales, nothing other than anything I can do to help move your business forward. 




I’d love it if you would avail yourself. I’ll do as many as I can between now and March 1 2018. It would be my honor to connect with you!




Stay your Unforgettable self!,








J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. 



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