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Fortunately, I live in a place that has a pretty wonderful film festival which gives me the opportunity to see films that I wouldn’t usually attend. Little did I know that this year would yield so much in the way of learning beyond sheer entertainment.


With many many many films to choose from its almost impossible to pick so I’ve devised a strategy that works for my interest levels and attention span (haha, going through pages and pages of descriptions isn’t for me). So, I delete all the films with any violence at all, and use this technique: I go to Opening Night as they must think highly of that film to give it this honored feature, and then I choose one more that is getting lots of buzz and is being shown on a night I have free. This year that formula netted me two that although I had no idea, provoked thinking that I’ve really been enjoying. 




The exciting thing for me is that doing it this way means that I have no preconceived notion of what to expect which is its own sort of fun.




Turns out that both this year were documentaries. Which I rarely see. So already I’m playing in a genre that is unfamiliar, yet most enjoyable. Each were about a singular person. Some similarities on the surface. Both male. Both covered their entire journey from their youth… and it turned out both were innovators. HOORAH!! How much do I L.O.V.E. innovators? Tons. Yes! And both film makers were women. Bonus points there!




I can highly endorse both films. The first was about Laird Hamilton called ‘Take Every Wave’. Now I had followed Laird back in the day (we’re of smilier ages) when he was super active and on like every magazine cover imaginable, modeling and connecting with his now wife Gabby Reece. But of course there was Lots I didn’t know. This isn’t the place to detail it… my intent is to share the nuggets I took away. 




The other film is called ‘This is Everything – Gigi Gorgeous’ about a kid named Greg and his journey to becoming Gigi, a woman. It too was quite good, although I knew nothing about Gigi when I chose it. Just that it had a lot of buzz, which was good enough for me. Gigi’s quite an amazing person for sure. Yet on the surface the two of these people are super different.




What struck me about both films were lessons for me as to what made them each what I’d call Super Brands.




  1. They are unstoppable… pulled from something inside- a common entrepreneurial trait
  2. They are innovative, almost not knowing it some times then can be quite intentionally
  3. They had challenging beginnings… unlikely starts to epic journeys – similar to the cycle of many businesses
  4. They followed their inner guides even if it was unpopular or difficult – sound familiar?
  5. They made the most of the present moment rather than worrying about the future – this may be the most critical




So whether you’re the future Apple Corp, Nike or AirBnB, we all get started somewhere…. it doesn’t matter. YOU have the seed of potential within you. Remember your life is like a movie with You writing the script. Just like a movie you have a story ‘arc’, and many of the most successful feature the Hero’s Journey (google Joseph Campbell if you don’t know about that). You too are on a Hero’s Journey. Consider how this scene will lead you to the next, stay open to opportunities, take nothing personally, but look for the lessons any you too may be a Super Brand one day too.





Stay Unforgettable!,



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