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A family of Cardinals have taken up residence right outside my window. It’s really COOL to watch them!! I’d share a photo but they did such a great job obscuring the nest that its a strain to watch them at all.  As you might imagine they have been sharing lots of lessons with me… one of which had me think about today’s message. I’m now able to actually SEE what the mama does and the dad’s role and how the family completes one another. Similarly; although some of my readers have been with me for many years, there are still quite a few people who wonder what I do. I am willing to bet the same is true for you.

For instance I have a couple friends in HR. One specializes in employee benefits and packages and the other… well I don’t really know but I DO know it isn’t the same area of expertise. Or this one: the other day I was referred to an attorney because of a conversation with a CPA, but when I spoke with the attorney he had no idea how to help for the specific questions I had. These guys cross refer, but he wasn’t the right ‘kind’ of lawyer for this particular situation. Similarly, it’s been fascinating for me to see how involved the Cardinal dad is with his family. His role is more involved and specific than I would have thought. Not that I ever thought much about it at all! 

Same for us. You may know I’m a branding professional, that I consult and coach… but so what? How does that really help You? Well, that’s why it helps to be more clear to your specific audience. So they can HEAR what’s in it for them. I certainly can’t share the whole list when we meet:

I work with business owners double their revenue

I work with business owners become better CEO’s

I work with CEO’s to design themselves out of a job

I work with business owners to work less and play more

I work with businesses who’s sales have plateaued

I work with businesses who struggle with marketing

I work with businesses who want to reBrand

I work with businesses who want a solid MAP for success

I work with businesses to design their next level of growth

I work with businesses to accelerate growth

I work with CEO’s to design the right staffing

I work with business owners to design their next million dollar idea

I work with business owners to design an exit strategy

So, you’re getting the idea right? And this is just a few of the areas where I focus. No way I can share all of that, nor is every item right for each person I speak with.

Often we wonder why folks we know don’t refer us. They seem to like us, they may have even worked with us, but in fact they still aren’t sure. If I had been asked what a Cardinal dad did, I could not have answered had I not been watching this interaction for the last 24 days. 

It isn’t easy to communicate our fabulosity is it? Today I’d like to help with that. Here’s what I ask my clients to do:

1. First do what I shared above. Do a brain dump of everything you do as a short sentence. The more the merrier. 

2. Then also come up with ONE big one that answers a problem that all of your customers have in common. For instance, my clients all want to GROW their revenue without adding more work hours and stress. 

3. Then put it together…. using that whole phrase from above:

I work with _________________________________ who want ____________________ so that they can __________________________________________________________.

Fill in those blanks and Voila! You know have an answer to what do you do that is specific and easy to understand while allowing the listener to identify WHO they know that could use your services.


p.s… If you can’t think of more than a couple of answers to these questions… you need Help! Why? Because we can’t see what we can’t see. Your prospects can’t see into your day to understand, and we’re too involved in it to see for ourselves. So get a coach and get some help! Its worth it to attract more of what you want to have a successful Brand and business.


Stay your Unforgettable self!,









J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. 



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