It’s Time to Start Being Unforgettable

Branding or brandology is an expression of who you are, personally and professionally. It easily allows you to expand or contract, to see how to better serve clients, and to better serve yourself. Another way to think of it is: Intentional Business (and Life) Design + A Customized Plan = Certain Success.

But how do you know if you need it?

Well, its kind of like gravity, whether you attend to it or not, it’s always working. Now is the best time to take charge of your brand and its growth. Most people (not you, of course) think that branding is a logo, or tagline, or website. Those are slices of the Brand pie when in fact, your Brand is the WHOLE pie…

Further, you’re creating your brand every day, so this is an opportunity to consciously create what you desire.

Branding is really for you when:

  • You’ve been working really hard yet not producing the results you want.
  • Others seem to mis-perceive you OR your business.
  • You reach out to clients and prospects but don’t get the response you expect.
  • Your team and/or employees are off track.
  • You’re marketing doesn’t feel right.
  • You’re really busy, but not productive.
  • You’re tired, overwhelmed, depressed and/or frustrated.
  • You feel like the best kept secret around, rather than a known expert in your marketplace.
  • Life just seems damn hard and tiring… a lot.

You’re ready to transition from who others think you are to who you truly are!

If you saw yourself in any of the above statements, you’re not alone. Most business owners don’t have a solid, brand and are “too busy” to invest the time necessary to figure it out – even though they know it’s important. Or perhaps this work was done years ago, when in these fast moving times we need to revisit our brand elements and applications often to maximize our business.

But the difference between you and the rest is that you’re ready, and you now have a seasoned pro, a branding ‘guide’ who can assist in discovering the best path for you.

My peeps

Are Business Owners ready to bust through from 6 figures into 7 figure businesses. YET, revenue has plateaued or they’re stuck for some unseen reason.

AND/OR students who are already exhausted and want to be sure to design the life and work they envision moving forward. Who want to articulate themselves well when applying to University and career positions.

Or, those are interested in utilizing public speaking as part of their brand expansion and are ready to reach audiences in MUCH more powerful ways.

You were absolutely amazing. How you managed to pull from the depths of me when I felt that I had nothing left to give still astounds me. I’m so glad you didn’t give up because even through it all, I had the time of my life. Thank you for being such an integral part of an experience that I will NEVER forget.
Peace and blessings to you my friend.
— Dr. Sheri,

When I got accepted to speak at a TEDx, Judy was one of my first calls. I wanted her to be my coach. Preparing for the talk has become one of the top priorities in my life. Judy challenged me, tirelessly edited and tweaked my thoughts, made sure the research and ideas were presented in the most interesting and relatable way. English is my second language, and she has given me the confidence to be a fearless presenter of my idea worth spreading. With all the challenges and stresses public speaking creates, Judy has made this journey meaningful and memorable. Thank you!
– Natalia Levey 

Big shout out to Judy Winslow who worked some magic when I only had 8 hours to write, practice and deliver a TEDx talk. Judy has a magical way with words. Thanks!
— Martyn Anstey


With a business that’s generating $1 – $10 million, you need options to get your business and life aligned and continue your growth. All of them include doing things differently.

The S.H.O.T.T. – Strategic Help for Owners To Transform
A highly condensed version of the 4D (Deep Dive Design Day) experience. One 2-hour meeting to design a strategy when you may feel a bit lost, off track or in need of heightened focus. You’ll walk away knowing what to do and expect now. It’s a SHOTT in the arm for those ready to make something happen NOW!

The Brand Audit
Feeling like your materials no longer fit? Wondering if its time for an upgrade, from logo to collateral or social media, product packaging, and everything in between its time for an audit. We change, our customers evolve, markets shift. Each are an opportunity for a new expression of the brand through multiple channels. Let’s be sure you’re getting the most mileage from your outreach.

1:1 Package – 4D (Deep Dive Design Days)+
Ensure you become unforgettable by working with me on a 1:1 basis over six months. Included are 2 x Deep Dive Design Days each lasting 3-4 hours and fortnightly follow-ups. Together, we move you from firefighting to leading, perk up those sales figures (amongst other outcomes) and get you and your business moving forward.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements
Give something different at your event. With my workshops and speaking engagements, I share with you my 30 years of experience on topics such as consciously designing for success and intentional branding. It’s anything but bland. I bring vibrancy, energy and innovation to the session so everyone leaves feeling motivated with creative juices flowing.

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Director
If your business needs an injection of innovation and creativity, you can work with me as your virtual VMO or Marketing Director. I’ll work with you to bring your vision to life and bring back the spark and joy back to your business.

Take time away from your everyday life and the ever-growing workload and pressures, to relax, get tuned in with your creativity and create the future vision for the business and lifestyle you really want. With my support, you’ll have the space to be innovative and freedom to design what it is you really want.

Packages are tailor-made for you and therefore prices can vary. However, expect a four to five-figure investment that’ll deliver you a lot more in return.

Please email me for the custom solution for your projects.