Business lessons when my dog almost died

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That’s right. Last week my dog almost died. It was a horrible few days, but now that we are past it, I can reflect and learn. AND I don’t need to do this again. Really.

Learning our own lessons is WAY more powerful than being told… I’ve told him (my little fur man Wally), over and over that this is unacceptable. His eating anything and everything after ‘escaping’ from the yard to gallivant around like the other yards are having a buffet. Yet, this was a way to really live it. How many times have you been told something only to LEARN it first hand? Lots more power in our own discovery. You may want to spare those you love, but we are each destined to travel our own path. Here are five of the lessons I was reminded of this past week.

DO appreciate what you’ve got now
It can change in a flash. It’s amazing that he didn’t die that night. He didn’t, yet what a stunning reminder. I’m sure often the dogs brought in do not leave. Thankfully we left together.

Look for the gift you received:
Good can come from bad…My dog really GOT that I’m his person… his trust levels went WAY up as a result. He is behaving differently, and we are both grateful. How many times have we looked at losing a client, vendor or friend and been SO sure we’d never have another chance? Not always true, and lots to learn for next time.

Being aware is everything!
After the incident I realized that he was acting ‘funny’ before it got really bad. He was barking and odd, and I wasn’t aware enough. Like a good Jewish mother, I fed him dinner, rather than noticing that something was terribly wrong. Had I been more aware, I wonder if that extreme situation would have been avoided.

Your intuition KNOWS:
Moments before my guy hit the road I told him to stay, when I should have put him in the house to ensure he wasn’t able to bolt. Had I listened to that little voice we would have avoided all the drama, and there would have been no emergency room visit with him convulsing. Bad mommy, or just a bad moment?

People KNOW when you care
My other (fur) child had some issues a few years ago, so I took her to another clinic up the road. The people there were uninterested, abrupt, and far from helpful. Charged me over $1,000.00 to tell me they ‘didn’t know’ what was wrong, but she probably wouldn’t live for much longer. Wow, thanks. She did in fact live far beyond the 2 weeks they predicted. On the other hand these folks were warm, concerned and quite helpful at every step, and although they didn’t know if he’d make it, it felt like they did all they could to be sure he would. You can FEEL if people care, without words.

So, consider which of these points has to do with your brand. All of them!!

Appreciate the clients you have now AND the progress you’ve made to date. It can change so much to be thankful for where you are right now. After all, it’s all perfect.

Learning takes us to the next level, and allows us to expand, rather than thinking that we already know. What if we don’t? Gifts surround us and being aware is a choice. Truly. Being in touch with ourselves, our intuition, as well as the wisdom of our clients and those that make up our personal ‘success team’ can make the difference between a thriving business and one just on the edge of survival. You choose. Just like my dog you can ‘digest’ what’s good for you, or eat some moldy old ideas that will destroy you. Your brand will reflect those choices.

So eat up, eat well, and stay well. Your brand and your business will thank you. So will those who love you.  🙂



BE Unforgettable,




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