I have much love for my many clients over the years. I continue to care and think of every single one, and wish each more success than they can dream of in every area of life, as well as those they touch.


When I reached out to Judy, I was up to my eyeballs in stress and felt overwhelmed with challenges that were ahead of me.  After going through the coaching program with Judy, I was able to get clear on what was important to me and my business.   This fresh, clear perspective enabled me to get into action, and in just a few days I accomplished more than I accomplished the previous month.  Not only am I getting things accomplished, they are in line with the goals I have for the future.
I highly recommend Judy to anyone looking for a breakthrough in productivity and a breakthrough in their business.  The surprising benefit is that you will also get a breakthrough in your viewpoint on life.   Thanks Judy!

– Chuck Cook, CEO

I realized that I have been running around from coach to coach like a pin ball machine, looking for something… and now working with you I feel so ‘held’ and heard and like I know that now I’m on the right track. Thank you!

– CLG, Business Owner

Before working with Judy, I was scrambling for growth in whatever way I could. Now, I am seeing and reaping the benefits of attracting the very people in my business that I love to work with. At the end of the day, I feel rejuvenated instead of drained! Even better, they tell their friends and acquaintances about our experience together and my reach grows naturally. By speaking directly to my audience in a way that attracts clients of like-mindedness, so much of my networking energy is consolidated, with near instant benefits. This has literally transformed my practice. Judy also works with leveraging business models to stretch into adjacent and complimentary income streams. This approach alleviates the pressure of the “dollars for hours” business model and creates more freedom in so many precious ways. I am tickled with the results I have seen in my business and happy beyond words at the increased feeling of calm inside of me.
Tamara Clarke, L.Ac., Dipl. OM


At the time I met Judy, I’d been in business for three years and had hit a bit of a wall…I was looking for some new ideas & motivation to get to a new level but I wasn’t really sure what that meant. Judy would not let me listen to the negative tapes rolling around in my brain. Now I know that what can be accomplished in 6 months is pretty darn great. My revenue has increased by more than 300%, and the ideas that were conceived and implemented with Judy’s guidance weren’t even a thought when we began. Judy was able to get me to tap into some new creativity, alliances, programs and offers that my clients love, and that are growing my business beyond the revenue, to build for the future. Seriously, if you’d like to grow a brand that is truly Unforgettable (as she says), you owe it to yourself and those you serve to get involved with Judy as your fearless leader!” — Liz Nonnemacher

Judy IS the light at the end of the tunnel, a superspark of inspiration for the business owner. I have seen tremendous positive improvements within my business. I would recommend working with Judy to anyone who wants to move their business forward, increase revenue, and clearly reframe your future.
– Dr. Jessica Lipham

Although my job title is co-CEO, much of my work involves marketing and branding. Judy’s work is as insightful as anything I’ve read by David Ogilvy or any other master of branding, and she applies it with aplomb in developing her own brand. I think Judy’s a genius, and that’s not a compliment I give out lightly. If you are sold on the value of branding, Judy should be on your short list of consultants. If you’re not sold on branding, you’re missing a huge opportunity.If you think branding is just creating a logo, you have much to learn. Promoting the brand should be one of the functions of every department in your business, from top to bottom, whether you’re a mom & pop or a Fortune 500. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Judy’s creativity and strategic thinking.
Frank Shooster,

Dear Judy,
Thank you for inviting me to your “Being Unstoppable” workshop. The money that I spent to attend this session has to be the best investment I have ever made! The ideas and information that were presented will help me many times over as I continue to develop my marketing plans for SprinklerWorks. I believe that Edie may have put it best, when she commented from the back of the room during your presentation, that there are many companies that would be willing to pay millions of dollars for several of the ideas that you came up with that day. This workshop, coupled with your ongoing coaching, will definitely help me make SprinklerWorks Unstoppable. Thanks again for all of your help.
Making YOUR life Easier,
David J., owner

Thank you for being part of my life this year. Without your coaching and support my program would not have been written and launched. I’ll be formatting it to be 100% automated delivery thru auto-responders and other media to make it a passive revenue product as well. It is a powerful program hat changes lives. I’m proud to have authored it and thankful to have worked with you.
Loretta P.

I came to Judy with a very scattered picture of my business services, so marketing felt like complete chaos. Through Judy’s questions, challenges, and support, I was able to find clarity. With just a few mental and visual branding adjustments, my marketing is more streamlined to me AND my prospective clients. Not only that, she helped me clarify my verbal messages and got me talking about my business in a way that makes sense to me (and others). Thanks to Judy’s frank approach and supportive nature, I am much clearer about my business services and able to move forward.
Kristen B., Owner and Business Manager

Dear Judy,
It is not enough to say Thank You for the seminar you presented to our office today. Yes, the results will speak for themselves and much more powerfully than a simple Thanks. The day became one of inspiration and intention for us all. You are Awesome! I wish everyone could benefit from the way you present the Laws of Attraction, it’s no longer a big mystery, and our new awareness will guarantee our success.
Catherine W.
Capital Properties and Services

I thought your presentation was very nicely done in a professional manner and the information you shared would be beneficial to anyone with a business.
I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone needing better marketing results.
With best regards.
Claudette Krijger, G.G., N.A.J.A.
Graduate Gemologist [G.I.A.] National Association of Jewelry Appraiser

When we started…I was confused and frustrated without clear direction. I was like a spinning top with many ideas and going for months without implementing any. I have known for a long time that tele-classes were my next step and I have been talking about it for months, yet no class in sight. I knew how much money I wanted to be making and did not know how to make a plan to get there. I was wondering if I should continue to be in business for myself
Where I am now
I have a clear idea of what services to offer to get to the income I want
I have a new target market
Teleclass scheduled
I have a 6 month plan for my business
I am able to talk about what I offer easily
I have gone through some tough ups and downs emotionally during this process and with Judy’s support and confidence in me I came out stronger and on purpose.
I realize that what I offer my clients has great value
I can ask for the fees that match the value I offer
I now am able to keep myself accountable, Judy set the foundation
I had fun in the process and loved hearing Judy’s stories and sharing humor during each class
I really had no idea of what to expect when I signed up for Judy’s class. I was experiencing lack of confidence in myself and wondered if I would be able to make the changes necessary to build my business. Was I in for a surprise! Judy brought out creativity and inspiration in me that was under developed and I was able to get very clear on what I wanted and made a plan to get there. I now know what it will take to earn the income I desire. Judy’s level of experience and knowledge is perfect for her approach plus her infectious humor and engaging style makes the branding process an absolute joy. I have a plan for the first time since I started the business 5 years ago! During a recent workshop that I conducted I moved products from back of the room sales, I had never had this result prior to working with Judy. Thanks, now I see that I can make this real, and earn exactly the money I desire.
Karen H.

It was great to receive your instruction today, thank you so much. I really enjoyed the way you delivered your content and how you make it so interactive. As I mentioned to you, your delivery is great, very well paced and clear. My experience was like that of a student instead of the teacher, which I usually am.
Bravo, I’m sure you’ll get lots of students because they will be very lucky to take this course from you.
Tom Levin
Vice President of Training

Judy helped me see new ways of approaching decision making supported me in taking chances on new possibilities, helped me change from thinking “I can’t” to “I will”, brought clarity when I felt confused, helped me see options when I could see none.
You’ve been great at helping me take action, of seeing what needs to be done next. I thank you for that and for being there to support me in my adventures.
Barbara H.

As Temple Sinai began to plan for a early childhood program, it was clear we would need a logo and visual presence that would relate to the temple’s existing visual imprint and yet feel childlike, yet sophisticated. Judy Winslow had worked with a committee to design the temple’s look, and so we returned to her for our new project. Judy demonstrated artistic creativity and tremendous patience in working with us. She listened carefully to our feedback and offered new ideas that met our needs and yet challenged us to think broader. She regularly encouraged us to think ahead about our needs. She sensitively guided the process and we ultimately trusted her aesthetic sense and good judgement.
We thoroughly enjoyed working with Judy, are extremely satisfied with our final product, and look forward to working with her again as our need to develop more materials arises.
Sue H.
Temple Sinai

I give you a rating of 10 (on a scale of 1 to 5) for my entire coaching experience because a rating of 5 does not seem fair compared to the value I received! Keep up the GREAT work, I will be back for more.

Thanks Judy, business is moving along great.
Matt F.
The Fein Properties Team at Keller Williams Select Realtors



Here are some examples of the way we work with different kinds of clients. These are just examples. We can’t predict your results because each client is very different.


“Brad” was a real estate professional who’d been struggling for over two years. He was young and married, and radically stressed out. He owned a few properties that he rented and flipped. He was also scared. Business wasn’t going great and something had to change. Brad’s goal was to be a major player in his area with his own team but at first that seemed like a distant dream.

After some exploration we decided that the fastest track would be to position himself as an expert in a clearly defined niche market. He chose short sales, and at that time he had no competition in his town.

“We created a system to honor his clients while positioning him as their advocate and expert. We began with a letter because he wanted to avoid cold calls. Brad was great at listening and building relationships, which was critical with this sensitive clientele.

“Within a few months, Brad was able to hire his first VA and he was off and running. By the end of the year, Brad wrote, ‘Business is moving along great. We are working with a bunch of buyers and sellers – and are even getting to the point where I can pick and choose who we work with.  On a personal level, I’m enjoying life – and my wife and I were just approved to adopt a new baby!”

He had bought a new house, was building his team and he even shared that he was free of any medication that had been the ‘norm’ for years due to all the stress.”



“Scott” also owned a business. He’d been at it for a few years and was doing great. But for some reason he was stuck. He felt as if he should be bringing in 7 figures, but he couldn’t seem to bust through to do so.

We talked and found a few areas that were getting in the way. One was building the crew and the teams needed to service this scale the business, because Scott was already stretched too thin. His leadership was suffering, and he was SO tired!

Then we identified a few ways for him to bring in some new accounts that would be super painless and add value for his clients. He began holding team meetings weekly and asking his people to help identify ways to make the company grow… and with a few other additions he began adding accounts and new systems to the business. Those meetings have now been held weekly for over 4 years.

Scott reports that now the business is stronger than ever, and he’s looking for what’s next. Could be licensing? Ultra exciting!!