The Role of Connection in Your Business

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For those of us who are interested in and study success, there are some themes we hear repeatedly. Yet, there are those occasions when you hear One word or phrase that allows the concept to not only land but to truly integrate and make a difference. Having just returned from an ‘event’ where there was so much information, energy and joy, it would be impossible to share it all at this time…but of course I will share the number one tidbit that I took away. That is to have/create Connection in everything you do.


What do I mean by that? There’s a big gap between doing something ‘because’ you feel you’re supposed to… whether its meeting someone or completing a task. When we connect – to a person, an idea, a moment – the experience is altered. Something happens vibrationally, synapses fire, new ideas, opportunities and possibilities are generated. In so many ways, this is where the excitement of life is created. The French call it Joie De Vivre… the Joy of Life… the essence of why we’re here.


Think about this in a business context. When we are connected we’re more engaged aren’t we. We’re more present, we’re open to so much more than if we were simply showing up on the side lines observing. We’re more genuine, more authentic, more available. Every time a client designs their next level vision, we build this in so that they are always raising the bar for themselves, the category they serve and the future of our planet.

Connection will help you sustain energy for your business. Are you buzzing with excitement and energy for your work, for your family, for your dreams? Your Brand (owing and your health) depends on it! If you want to accelerate your business find a way to bring back the Connection. Find ways to get excited and fully engage. Create a project that stretches you, that is exciting for you and the mission you serve and get to it. Get support from a team of professionals that can help you keep your energy high, and minimize your risk. Your bottom line will thank you!


To stay connected use continued learning to keep up with changing trends… which will also add to your problem solving skills…Allowing you to find new solutions and BIG ideas.


There are many ways to stimulate connection with yourself and others to learn and expand your mind. Here’s a few to get you started:

– Attend a new business event close to where you live, but perhaps out of your immediate comfort zone (geographic and emotional).

– Take an art class to enhance and cultivate perspective – it will open up your creative muscles

– Read a book that has a focus you’ve not entertained before – what are you curious about exploring?

– Attend a TEDx event somewhere in the world and see how these new ideas can alter your point of view, as well as the energy from the people who attend

– Try a new non-business group to meet new people and have meaningful conversations, keeping it Positive!

– Take someone you don’t know well to coffee and intend to deeply connect. Be curious and it will happen easily.

It can be this simple to get started creating connection in your business, and please notice that this does not have to be expensive or take tons of time. Whatever you want is out there for you, waiting for you to take a chance an jump in. NOW is the perfect time!


Enjoy, and please let me know how that goes…

Stay Unforgettable!,




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