Conscious Incompetence at Work

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Lately I’ve been hearing about this from clients, friends, and have had a touch myself. For those who want to be a Disney Prince/Princess…its Not that! Although that would not be a bad idea! x Symptoms include frustration, restless sleep, over-partying, over-indulging, flashes of anger or despair, some feeling beyond that into depression. x

Not pretty stuff. 

x I too, have been restless, not feeling like ‘me’: foggy, without clarity. And you know my dear readers, I’m a girl that likes Clarity! So, I did what needed to be done. I went on a bike ride. To clear my head, to create a pattern interrupt. Being outside helps me to reconnect, helps to rethink, get perspective, reminding me of all there is to be grateful for. x For a bit, there’s been a feeling that there is more. More to do. More to learn. More to Be. More world to see. More people to meet. More to add to my world. Yikes! Just writing that all out is exhausting! These feelings come from time to time. Each time they have led to an upleveling, however it’s often not an easy ride to get there. x For awhile I’ve been examining the WHY of that. Why the difficulty? Why the discomfort? Clients report similar challenges so I know its not uncommon. There seems to be this time of awareness of ‘it’ with no real ability to solve, pivot and/or course correct. x So, there I am out on my ride. It was a bit chilly for the beach which is my favorite destination, so instead I chose a spot by the Bay. Out of the wind, where I could sit and think and watch the boats go by. Sitting there breathing in the brisk air, listening to the birds and boats, appreciating the cloudless blue sky it came to me. AHA!!! x What if the reason for all this discomfort and foggy head space was due to one thing. x The space of Conscious Incompetence. x Having this thought, immediately opened me up… I could feel it! I felt a bit of lightness so I knew that I was on to something… my heart felt an opening (which I really can’t explain yet there it was!) x Yes, maybe I could lighten up, after all when we are embarking on something new, or looking at being different than the past, or starting or ending or… well, there’s a list of reasons that could bring up this space. In case you don’t know or forgot there are 4 levels to this process. x First is: Unconscious Incompetence. That space of not knowing what we don’t know. Its great for entrepreneurs because we just jump in with our passion flaring now worrying about what we don’t know. x Next is where I am… that place that is oh-so-uncomfortable. That place where we are becoming aware of the enormity of what we don’t know, or even a peek at it, enough to scare the bee-jee-sus out of us. What seemed like smooth sailing now presents like a giant mountain range to overcome!! Knowing I don’t know and am not sure where to get what I don’t know I don’t know… well, you see, its a bit of a mess! x On the other side is the phase of conscious competence. That’s when we have to think about it to accomplish our goals. Like when we learn to drive. I can recall worrying about every car length and mirror view and how to park or back out or… instead of enjoying the drive and knowing all is going to be just fine. x So how do we navigate phase 2 – Conscious Incompetence? Here are some suggestions: Forgive yourself. You don’t know something. We can’t know it all, right? But we can be KIND to ourselves. Kindness is how we get unstuck. Its the first step to making it softer and not so life threatening. It takes us away from only seeing fight or flight. x Slow down. When we slow down to speed up we can then fly to that 10,000 foot view and consider our options. Often we will see what we haven’t before. Maybe we can learn something new? Design a new strategy? That’s where I like to start.  x Shift focus. One of the biggest things I recalled, and realized I often share with clients, is that when we focus on what’s not working we can not see what is/might/could work. How can we find solutions when we insist on looking at problems alone? That closed door instead of the open window? Once we consider that answers are everywhere we can recalibrate. x Give yourself Grace. When we do what’s listed above we are able to give ourselves the grace to feel into what’s next. We can open up to the Universe’s whispers. We can be our true selves. We gift ourselves. From here we can gift others. From a full cup of Grace. x And of course, the last thought is to get outside. Go for a ride, walk, run. Something. Breathe new air, fill your lungs, empty your head and BE. Be in the world, in the sunshine, rain, snow, feel on the ground out of doors. x Don’t let Conscious Incompetence be the end. Let it be the beginning of a new phase of your own fabulous future!
With love to your Unforgettable self, xx J. xoxo p.s… for more on these learning levels check out this link p.s.s…. this is a bit of what’s available when we work together.. to learn more let’s talk!         J. Winslow Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories.     
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