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Yesterday, I bought a new bike. YAY!! So excited to be taking better care of myself and the crappy ones I got from a ‘big box’ store are fine for my renters, but I wanted one that was just mine and of decent quality. Time to step it up, know what I mean?

Last night, as I took my maiden voyage around the neighborhood with my trusty Wally running alongside, I realized that the entire experience was worth mentioning to you all for several reasons… an example of how attracting clients and your brand come together to make a sale.

For quite awhile there’s a bike I’ve been dreaming of since I first saw it. It’s called a Townie and it seemed like the perfect beach cruiser (since I live at the beach and its such fun to ride along the shore). It came in lots of groovy colors (pink, lavender and aqua for instance) and looked like it would be super easy on my back the way it’s designed. So, for the last year or so, I’ve wanted one, as I went on to buy two other bikes. First a used bike then a new bike both from that icky big box retailer, and both new were under $100.00. You see I didn’t understand what could be different in a ‘better bike’.

Similar to your services, until I took them for a drive I could not see the difference, I had to feel it, I had to experience the actual value. It couldn’t be spoken, it had to be felt. Until then, I would only see the numbers and that wasn’t swaying me.
TIP: It’s important to your business, to find a way to let folks ‘test-drive’ or ‘taste’ your services.

After a few months, the original bikes became less fun to ride, and again my thoughts turned to the Townie. I could see myself riding it, in some cool color, with my little dog in the basket when he got tired of running alongside and me going for miles before getting tired, it was such a joy to ride… yet that dream wasn’t coming true. I was stuck with my old bikes.
TIP: We can get stuck thinking we can’t afford it, when we don’t understand the value.

In the last few weeks I have decided to make my health a priority, so that means more moving and exercise. And now, my renters are using my not-so-great-bikes, so its time for me to claim one for myself. So, off I go looking for a Townie. Headed online with my dream, I find it, and it’s wayyyy beyond what I wanted to spend, so I had to dig deeper to see if there were alternatives. Fortunately, there are some choices on the market and in my area, so it was now time to go and try them out. On the list was another bike made by the same folks that make the Townie but at a lower price point, that was more budget friendly for me.
TIP: This could be true for your potential clients as well. Offering another option for your services (or products) could mean building a relationship, rather than losing it.

It didn’t take long, actually the big part was running all over town to see them, but at each stop I tried a couple of options to see what would be best. The first place didn’t have one for me to try, they were happy to order one, but that wasn’t really what I was looking for.

The second stop had two options so I took them out for a ride. Although not the bike of choice, they were quite nice and in my price range, in fact one felt amazing and SO easy to ride compared to my bikes now. Suddenly Townie had a competitor called the Phat bike (Isn’t that neat)… it was a different vibe, all black with some zebra stars, but it had some things the others didn’t.
TIP: Making your offering different means that it cannot be compared to others, which is an advantage for you (as well as your client).

Funny enough, it was the third place that had the Townie (YAY!), and when I took it out, I was…. Wait for it…. Quite disappointed. Wow. I hadn’t even considered that a possibility. The truth was that the Phat bike was a better fit for me. Form and function was outweighing the groovy factor. It was such a clear difference that I went back and got the Phat bike. Now, I did take the time to look for it on sale, but at that time, it was more important to get going and ride… than to save a few bucks that would have been lost on shipping. The owner gave me a small discount to seal the deal.
TIP: Enough urgency and a sale price won’t matter. It’s up to us to help create that urgency.

So, now I feel great! I supported a local business, got the better bike for my body and needs, and I am already on my way to biking further than I ever have before, taking me to my best healthy self!!
TIP: At the end of the day, I was I was more interested in value and ease of use than a flashy color or label. The VALUE + MY NEEDS formula were met and exceeded, which resulted in a sale. When the VALUE you provide meets and/or exceeds the needs of your prospect, you will have a new client.

Remember, what you THINK you want, and what you TRULY need may not be the same thing, we must show our peeps where the match is. The better we get at this, the more lives you will affect with your services. Your successful brand starts with recognition in the market, which must also match the value you provide. When all elements align, you’ll be able to expand and accelerate.


Stay Unforgettable,




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  • Kevin Hong

    Hi Judy. I think branding is super important, especially in this time and age. With that being said, what are healthy ways to receive feedback on the progress we’re making?

    • Judy winslow

      Kevin, thanks for adding to the conversation! There are multiple ways to receive feedback, the best of which is your results. One secret is to Design and Align your actions and strategy to allow that to occur. Often its best to work with someone like me – a Brandologist – consultant, advisor, coach as well. There are multiple means to access your likelihood of success by design rather than chance. I imagine you see this too in your work?

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