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I just love to travel. Somehow it gives such a new perspective when jolted out of the same old same old. ‘Some would call it ‘enjoying the contrast’. Seeing how life is lived elsewhere often allows me to open up to new views too. Like trying new flavors of ice cream, or jelly beans. Or people.


It’s a way to notice distinctions. Distinctions are beautiful subtleties of word and thought, a way to MORE deliberately create. To wonder. They allow us to operate at our best.


Here’s one to illustrate:
Reacting vs. Responding
This is a great distinction and one that I frequently begin with when working with clients. Although it may seem basic, it’s always amazing to see how impactful it can be for us.


Each day in each moment we have the power. The power to choose whether we react or respond to any given circumstance. It’s a foundation for living as we choose, rather than feeling that sometimes life chooses us. I invite you to become ‘hyper-aware’ and begin to notice when you’re reacting, then stop, consider and choose to respond instead.


We do this as business owners putting out fires, as siblings in a disagreement, as parents whose children think differently. It may appear very different than reacting, and the outcomes may vary as well.


Mostly, peace of mind will accompany responding, whereas reacting only agitates, exacerbates and extends the feelings of being out control. Choose to respond and your choices will change your daily experiences.


I invite you to try this exercise:


Close your eyes…. And think of the thing or things that get you crazy, or overwhelmed or frustrated or aggravated, or confused. One or maybe all of them, so you can really feel in your body the feelings this can create for you. Think about how you usually talk to yourself, how your body feels, how your perspective is skewed. Give these feelings a label…. Remember that word (or phrase).


Now ask yourself is that word healthy for me? Is it a word or phrase that keeps me in this place? Is this the best option for me? Am I being reactive?

Next think about what it might be like to respond to these events. What might be available to you if you were able to choose, to create the outcome you desired?


Create up to three different scenarios, then decide which is the one/s you like the most. Can you also attach a word or phrase for this? Write down the words/phrases that occurred for you during this phase of the process.


Look at both words/phrases you’ve come up with. Is one more negative and the other more positive for you? Can you see the distinction for yourself? Consider how this distinction might apply as you move forward in your daily life. Write it down and post it somewhere as a reminder.


Next time something overwhelms or overtakes you in some way, take a breath, pause and consider how you might respond, then CHOOSE your path. We all choose all the time anyway, so let’s consciously choose to respond rather than react.


Become hyper-aware of your behavior, and have the power to live the way you choose!


What’s this got to do with marketing or running a business? Well, when you’re not running around reacting, you’ll stop putting out fires, and begin to respond. As a result your energy will be focused on clearly creating what will be the best course for the business, for your marketing, for your ability to identify ideal clients, and serve them in a way that will build relationships and a future. Try it for 90 days, and see what you think. I’d be curious.

Stay Unforgettable!, 






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