Do you believe in Your success?

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The famous quote from Einstein has been running in my head: ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same things expecting different results….’


Yes we know this, yet it also reminds me of the something I learned from Jack Canfield: E+R = O: Event + Response = Outcome, or on some days, O is for opportunity. How we see the world and these concepts can help or hinder. We may be in relationships that don’t work; economic conditions can be an opportunity or simply a mess, saying we want to succeed, yet taking actions that won’t lead there… which is ‘insane’ and which is a thought/response leading to the desired result? Which is ‘true’? Our rational mind knows that both are, yet there are some days/instances when we ignore this and do what we do in our habitual way.
Sometimes getting too attached to any perspective can really be a problem. Often its completely out of my awareness that I’m operating from anything but what would serve me. Nowhere is this more apparent than when I work with my coaches, and again with my clients. We all have our version of what happened or is happening. I call it ‘being in our fish bowl’…. (my clients know exactly what that means), yet when we are presented with another p.o.v., that may resonate as correct too. This allows us to then choose differently, to start over, to SEE new options to events that we may have missed previously.



We can forget that everyone we come in contact with is having their own experience of the same events. It can be life altering to have another view presented, truly an A-HA moment. In the last few months I’ve seen it repeatedly. Having multiple learning opportunities and coaches is a real gift and as a result much is opening up. I can feel myself growing into places that were off limits previously, simply because of a shift in my perspectives. This is exciting, for me its even better to watch this occur with my clients. Truly one of the best parts of my job!



When Jack Canfield shared: E+R = O. Event + Response = Outcome, it was very powerful for me in its simplicity. Every time something occurs we decide how we want to respond. In turn this will determine the outcome. Keeping these two concepts in mind we then begin to consciously design our success. In each moment or with each event, we can pause and choose the direction that will take us closer to, or further away from, our goals and vision.



This month I challenge you to an exercise. I swear it’s worth it, and can yield fantastic results. Done once you’ll see that you can apply it repeatedly whenever you need to in order to clear some blocks and make some conscious changes. Give yourself the gift of some private time… then:


* Identify where you’re stuck. (Like making money, or attracting more clients).

* Notice where you feel it in your body or mind. (Mine is often in my belly area).

* Consider some belief or message your self talk repeats often. (How can I make that much money?)

* Start to look for the earliest memory of that message, or when that seed was planted. Go back as early as possible in your life. (Hint: when it feels like as far as possible, see if you can go a bit further back)

* Look to see who fed you that message. Look at what their perspective of life was at that time. See how that influenced their ideas and what they planted in you. (If you’re not sure, simply imagine what it might have been).

* Now, you can decide if that belief is truly yours OR if you’ve been operating with someone else’s perspectives. If its not really yours, its time to choose another.

* WRITE this new belief or vsion down, because you will need to remind yourself and create a new habit.



Give yourself some time with this. Quiet time. Close your eyes, and take yourself through these steps. Einstein was on to something very important, and we have the good fortune to benefit from his observations. If you want to accelerate the process, get some assistance. After all: Your Perspective + Outside View = Lots More Success.



Today, find the courage to move forward towards the success you KNOW awaits you, making the most of each Event and its Outcome.




Stay Unforgettable!, 





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  • George Hudson

    Hey Judy,this post is really inspirational. I’m looking forward to your one month challenge . Thanks for sharing!

    • Judy winslow

      Thanks for stopping by, would love to hear how that challenge goes!

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