Faith & Courage in business

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Lately I’ve been interacting with lots of groups, and I’ve been noticing that (no surprise) most people truly want their businesses to be different and more successful. Or maybe I should say that they seem to want that, but they also don’t seem to be willing to commit to doing anything to change where their business is headed. Yes, it is true that sometimes it’s not easy, it takes a solid strategy, it takes guts and costs money to make those changes, and yet some business owners seem surprised by that. 

Intellectually it’s clear that getting expert advice and guidance will save you money in the long run and speed up your success. The same is true about outsourcing your weaknesses, if you know there’s an area of your business that you don’t like or you’re not good at, find someone who loves it and is great at it, and give it to them. Your business can fly forward with these sorts of actions. Wanting can only take us so far.

I was recently at an event and met a woman who I happen to know is really struggling, and she’s only now ready to get some assistance from a professional.  And that’s after several years of struggling, but now if she doesn’t get proactive about creating a solid new plan of action, she will have to shut her doors! That just makes me sad, when I know how much she’s invested in it already. Time, money, sweat, sleepless nights. Don’t wait to get proactive, the longer you wait the longer it will take to get your business where you want it to be…

It takes courage, faith and action to move into this next phase of growing your business.  And NO ONE can grow a business completely alone.  Truly, it’s a team sport, taking people who get your vision, who get who you are, and people who are ready to share their expertise, so that you can focus on what YOU do best!  

This is a strategy that will free you up rather than giving you more to do! It reminds me of that India Irie song ‘faith courage and wisdom, it’s been inside of me alllll along’.  It begins on the inside.  When you invest in your greatest, most valuable asset, the odds of creating a solid business are increased immeasurably!

Here are a few tips that may help…

  1. Decide. How do you want your business to be?  Clearly define what it looks like, get as detailed as possible.  Write it down.
  2. Plan. Look at what will need to happen, what changes, what steps you will need to take, in order to create your business as you want it to be.  Set target dates for completing those changes and steps. Give yourself a time line you can honor and implement.
  3. Assess. What do you know?  What do you need to know?  What can YOU do?  What can you have other people do?  (Outsourcing and creating a ‘virtual team’ will free you up and speed up your business growth)  What do you have?  What do you need?
  4. Action. Take action!  I’ve noticed that when someone has clarity, is 100% committed and takes action; amazing and wonderful things seem to happen.
  5. Persist. As Winston Churchill said: “NEVER give up!”  Roll with the proverbial punches, learn the lessons, course correct..but..never, NEVER give up!
  6. Acknowledge. Give yourself kudos for your accomplishments. Honor when things go off track and adjust. You’re doing great, no matter which! Having Faith means that all is well all of the time. It’s up to us to give more, give less, take a break, have some fun! 

Remember, you don’t have to do it all right now, you do however need to keep it moving. They say you don’t fail unless you quit… so dig in, keep it moving and most of all stay calm. 

Stay Unforgettable!,




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