Are you feeling a bit f’d up?

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I’ve been a bit f’d up lately.

With so much going on right now it can be a challenge to unravel it all as it shows up in our world. The trifecta of lockdown, hate crimes and less than effective ‘leaders’ here in the U.S. has had my head spinning a bit.

Admittedly there are days when I don’t feel my best, or like myself. 

It’s also been a time of introspection, which for an introvert who’s already introspective can be quite a rabbit hole. Yet its not showing up that way, more of a heightened observation in this case.

Anyway, this awareness had me notice something very surprising. I’m sharing because I imagine I’m not the only one and its possible that this could be helpful for you too.

What I noticed is that during the first 2 weeks or so of lockdown I found myself experiencing something that came as a surprise. Its still occurring too. 

Then I recently heard a podcast – Love those – and heard another piece that made SO much sense I felt compelled to share. (The podcast is: How’s Work with Esther Perel). 

What shifted was an anxiety I didn’t know I had. A low level, persistent gnawing. I’ve spent the last, well maybe 35 years (or longer) with a constant conversation in the back of my mind. It’s mostly “What Ifs”… 

What if this is the last opportunity I ever get…
What if I could have done that better…
What if this is the last client I ever have…
What if this is the only $ I ever get…
What if I never….
What if What if What if

I didn’t realize it was such an energetic drain, or even that it was there until it was gone.

Have you ever experienced this? It’s a remarkable phenomenon. The way we protect ourselves yet hang in a state of flight or fight that keeps our amygdala and vagus nerve stretched and stressed.

Suddenly all that was gone as it felt as if the future was SO unknown I could only focus on today. The present. 

Then from that present, without the strain of the other mind ‘stuff’ I was able to be more productive, more creative. 

Presence was a true Present!

The other day Esther Perel mentioned that when we are in stress or fear the part of our brain that is creative and innovative shuts down. She sited the science which I don’t recall…Makes sense doesn’t it?

When we feel overwhelmed, stressed, fearful, whatever you label that, parts of us sort of freeze. We’re not as creative or able to see alternatives in the same way. 

So, today I would suggest you do what you need to too find the space and place that will re-connect you to you.

Go out in nature.
Find quiet.
Take a drive with the radio off.
Maybe have a bath.

Whatever you can do to disconnect from the inner and outer noise that keeps our systems on high alert.

We all need a break.
We are better when we do so.
We’re able to lead differently when we can access this for ourselves.
We need each of You to make a systemic shift in today’s world.
We need each of you to step into a new version of who you are as leaders.

And in so doing, may the next phase of our planet and peace in our places begin to support us as we support others.

Here are 3 steps to try now if you’re finding that future-casting is f’ing you up.
First stop.
Then go to one of your favorite places as mentioned above. Somewhere quiet.
Do everything you can to stay present, to enjoy the moment Now.

Practice Only this. As you do so, you’ll relax into a new space.
Focus on today ONLY. What can you do/be today that will bring you joy?

Let this lead you to possibility. 

It will likely take more than one ‘dose’ of this treatment.
Don’t give up.
Rinse and repeat. Each day, make only that day important.

Sending love, and if you need support in any way please let me know.


p.s…For those who wish to explore further, who are ready to design a new map to future possibilities…please let me know… I’m here to help.


J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. Learn more here



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