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Life is such an interesting ride. Sometimes we’re up, others down, and other times we spend the ride going in loops without even realizing it. That’s been true for me for sure. Luckily the ride at the amusement park ends, we get off and have a bit of time before the next ride. Life doesn’t work that way, and sometimes we can’t catch our breath before the next wild event throws us around. 


Recently, I’ve been reminded through some of my studies and projects to S.L.O.W. down. This is useful because for most high achievers we’re all GO GO GO… and not slow at all. Yet, doing so, and taking the time to reflect has led to some A-Ha’s that have opened me up in surprising ways. One I’d like to share today.


Like you, I’m a lot of things. I’m a bit of an over achiever, a dreamer, a loner, a positive skeptic and a playful child. This isn’t all of me by any means – just like you, it would take more than a few words to describe me. One thing I do love is learning something new that can help me be better. A better person, a better business owner.


You may already know that most of our actions or lack of are linked to FEAR. And yes, there are some cute acronyms that speak to that but what about in your actual life. Most things we fear we aren’t even aware of. 


But here’s what I’m learning that’s important to share. It’s one thing to acknowledge your fear. That’s great… but most of us, me included haven’t gone deep enough. Which is interesting as truly enjoy digging in… but I wasn’t as I didn’t have that awareness yet. Even though, Yes, I do this with my clients and can watch them rise to new levels when they do so, yet that knowledge was not enough for this current discovery.


So that’s what I got to see… here’s the kicker. Most often we need someone else to crack that door open. It’s almost impossible to do it ourselves. Certainly it takes much much longer. In the past week I had a coach ask me a question that shed some real light, then ensuing events took that crack of light and BLASTED it wide open. And I’m SO grateful.


As a result I’ve been able to peel back some layers that can never be unseen. That have given me a level of personal power that is critical to my growth. To my ability to live my mission in life. To call in others that think bigger and lift me higher. And it doesn’t have to be scary or hard or lonely. Its actually fun to be your next best version of you. Truly!


In a nutshell here’s what I learned (or more correctly learn again and again):

1. FEAR is symptom, not a source of your discomfort

2. We can rarely see the underlying piece for ourselves. It takes an outside eye to do so.

3. Once we let in a tiny bit of light, we’re able to connect more dots on our own if we choose to, and that is where more GOLD is.

4. When we do so, we’re able to freakin’ Fly! No kidding. It’s like getting new wings.


Life is a crazy ride… so let’s make it Crazy Great! Sending you the strength to break free and spread YOUR wings. You’re worth it. 


Let me know your thoughts, and see you soon!


Stay Unforgettable!,



p.s….If you’d like to do some break through work to up level your business, you may want to join me for the next workshop I’m doing in May. Still want this year to be your best ever? Then you’d be a great candidate. More to come for the: Grow Your Biz – Change Your Life series.


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