Happy Holidays? Maybe not…

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This is the time of year when I usually write about assessing and reviewing from a place of gratitude and positivity.


But this year I would like to start with the conversation that is being repeated with most of my clients and in many of the circles i’m involved.


What I’ve been noticing is a trend that is prevalent among hi achievers. Often the end of the year has quite a bit of stress which is compounded by reflecting and noticingWhat we haven’t accomplished, what we have a completed, and where we are not enough.


Take for instance my client we will call Morris… Morris has had an incredible year. Each month his company’s revenue has increased in a very healthy way. His home life despite some chaos and challenge is quite harmonious. The team is growing. Some very cool new alliances were formed. His personal growth as a leader is obvious and beautiful to witness.


But what he brought to our meeting were the following observations:
He had recently lost a big client.
There was some disruption on his team due to a miscommunication.
Because of his industry his expenses have increased.
His wife and recently lost her job and he was concerned about replacing that income.
The end of year bonuses were not as robust as he would have liked.
And some of the milestones that he had envisioned had not been met.

So which is the truth? Which of these lists should be acknowledged? And for yourself, where do you find that you naturally go when assessing your progress?


What if The truth includes at all… The good and the bad.

The truth is that you are enough. You got through another challenging time. You mostly did your best, and your best is better than most. How do I know that? I know that most aren’t willing to risk what you are. They are not willing to risk creating a business that will impact humanity, or your corner of the world. Most are not willing to wake up every day with the uncertainty that faces any business owner. That takes guts. That takes a special something that not everyone has. And when you assess your year or any period of time most will not take that into consideration.


So, PLEEEZE... if you are having any thoughts of not enough-ness, you’re depressed or feeling hopeless in any way, Please find someone to talk too. You are not alone!!


You are a magnificent change maker who deserves a wonderful end/beginning… and you WILL have your dreams realized when you stick with it and get the support needed.


With love to your Unforgettable self,








J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. 



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