Is your business flying high or falling flat?

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Picture this… you’re flying high above the earth, feeling the chill of the air, the breeze and birds moving by, the sight of the rolling hills and small, small critters munching happily below. The sky is a crystal clear bright and crisp blue, yet big fluffy clouds flit over the sun giving the land below interesting shapes of shade as they pass.


What do you feel? Is it an exhilarating high, or a frightening flush? Is it an appreciation for the big life you are living, for the future you have ahead, or are you pulled back to the earth for certainty? Will your stomach tighten with fear, or will your spirit laugh full out with its head tilted back from joy?


Each of us is different, what is joyful for one is total fear for another. Each of us has many different points in growing our businesses that will trigger a range of feelings. What scares one of us is exhilarating for another.


For myself, flying high above the earth was for me a dream of a moment… just knowing that my instruction would be to ‘run off the edge of the mountain’ was enough to make me smile, wondering why I would find this such fun, while I walked up the many many stairs that would take me to my ‘ride’.


As usual, I couldn’t help but notice the analogies to business…. and how they effect our ability to fearlessly BE and embrace our Brand to its advantage. Here’s just three to consider:


1. When an opportunity comes your way decide whether you will shrink from it or move towards it. It’s what most successful business owners do. They decide, they choose, they create with awareness and intention. If you’re gonna jump, just DO IT!


2. Often times the view can be much more beautiful and clear from high above… the eagles p.o.v. From the best location for building to the right spot for crops to be protected well, all was visible from my birds eye view. Your strategy can be seen from here too.  🙂


3. The experience is different when you include it all. Yes, it took hours to get to our destination. We got lost, followed crazy Columbian drivers, got engulfed in a crowd of drunk Soccer (football) fans on the way back (lost then too). Yet, it all gave us a chance to breath, to work in the car, to laugh at the guys hanging off out trucks, and attempt steep hills that didn’t like our low gears. If it had all been for a fifteen minute sailing bit it could have been a bummer (it took hours all told), but we went with it, made the most of it and learned lots about each other and the countryside. When we look at our business this way, there is nothing wasted, the present IS perfect and all is possible when we stay creatively fun. (thank the goddesses for the cops in the midst of that crazy drunken football madness).



After the experience, many have asked ‘weren’t you scared?’… and NO I was not. I was delighted, ready, already seeing myself up and enjoying, and had the feeling that IF I should fall flat, that it would not be a bad way to go… having fun and living my dreams is all that was transpiring.

So have a look at what keeps you flying high rather than crashing hard. What has YOU knowing that you are on the path to joy and feeling free and living the life you are here to live. Remember it. Appreciate it. Create more of that. As for crashing, well, what if you did crash. What then. Like most I know, you’d pick yourself up and begin again. Or be squashed like a bug and use that too. In reality its all fodder for your Brand, anything can make you stronger and better and give you insights. Open your arms wide, let it all in, and enjoy the ride. Your future, your Brand, and your business depend upon it.


And as always,
Stay Unforgettable!





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