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Although there is some (okay, TONS) of chatter lately about how ‘bad’ things have been, its hard not to notice that many are thriving now as well. Some of my clients have gotten a bit stuck, and have been speaking about ‘survival’ … as in they are in ‘survival mode for now’. If we create what we speak, beginning with this claim is unacceptable in my world.

As Bob Proctor has taught me, the way to generate a New paradigm and way of thinking, and therefore creating, is to put all our attention on solving the problem which means pulling any focus away from the rabbit hole of But But But…. as we follow our dreams down the drain. (I’m paraphrasing Bob as he’d never speak like that) :). The only way to focus our attention is on Thriving!! (with a capital T) forward. One of my brilliant clients has dubbed this state ‘thrival’ and it’s a perfect term.

It’s no longer survival, it’s THRIVAL of which we speak.

A great place to put our energy and attention is on creating a brand that’s built for Thrival. Building a brand with Buzz and forward motion. That’s the holy grail, the bankable result of many actions and strategy meetings, executing each day.

It doesn’t usually happen by accident, its by design. In a world where we’ve yearned to fit in since childhood, we begin to discover the way to win at life is to be different (and if you haven’t let’s talk). To live in our authentic skin, to notice what’s unique about ourselves and our businesses while serving our clientele to the best of our abilities.

We’re already branding ourselves and our business in multiple ways. The jeans you’re wearing, the purse you carry, the sunglasses you must have, if we’re Mac or PC, the food brands we buy. In some ways it’s unconscious, yet imagine the power of constructing your brand consciously. The results are powerful.

These days big brands are re-thinking and re-imagining their brands and it’s time for us to do the same. Small business has a great opportunity to have fun, be creative and find their voice. It’s a worthy investigation. 

Look at what’s happened in the last year or so. 

For instance, home sales are up in many areas… so what can be leveraged and born for that market? Perhaps home sales are down where you are, so ask, be curious and play with what opportunity lies within that?

I remember years ago when the housing market was falling and one of my clients decided to market only to foreclosures. NO one else was doing so and it saved his business. His WHY was that he felt really useful helping folks navigate through this difficult phase. When we combine our purpose with our plan we can be impactful and successful. His Buzz was word of mouth as he became the local expert.

Maybe your business has been hurt by the ‘situation’ but there are still ways to work more efficiently or to design a new product that serves your audiences. Look at other non-related business to see how to integrate some new ideas. Can a drive-drive-through help somehow? Or home delivery? Or developing a new ‘box’ that can be sold monthly to subscribers…. there’s always a new way to innovate for us all.

Take a page from big business and use this time to create. Start here:

  1. Notice the new products and offers being introduced regularly (who knew we’d need so much hand sanitizer or masks?), 
  2. Notice the imagination of those who are thriving, take time to read and learn, study and re-invent. 
  3. Imagine your brand creating buzz. What’s the buzz about? 
  4. Who’s talking about you? Who ‘gets’ you? 

Begin to see yourself as the CEO and chief ambassador for your brand. Most of all focus on having a mentality of Thrival for your brand.

Start by asking these questions and dive into some options and ideas, no matter how silly they may seem. Use your curiosity to move you forward. Your business and future will reward you, you’ll serve more people, have a greater impact, and enjoy yourself a great deal more. Plus, you’ll be nicer to be around. Perks abound in the Thrival space! Come on in and see how it feels. 

To your Unforgettable Journey,


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J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. Learn more here



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