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The other night I had a dream about my first business. It was in NYC and along with my business partner (who I had pitched to start the business when she was my boss at Women’s Day magazine), we came together daily to further our love-child. Each job we got was a mixture of complete terror and absolute excitement… wanting the clients to love us, collaboration was a joyful symphony, each hurdle was simply a puzzle to solve with enthusiasm. No matter that our accountant made a $50k mistake, no matter that my partner was pregnant and miscarried, on we went steeped in the joy of the process that seemed to make it all worthwhile.


Do you remember being in love? Not with a person, in love with your business… that time when you couldn’t wait to spend time with it, when hours went by in a flash, when you couldn’t stop thinking about how to make it even more fabulous than it was already. Those days when you simply loved loved loved being around your very own work. Such wonderful times, filled with joy and possibility and adoring love. If you’d like to begin to reconnect with yours… see below… and consider buying yourself, um, I mean your business some flowers today too!


1. Remember your WHY… yes, you may have heard this from Simon Sinek, or many others, but when was the last time you recalled yours? Here’s what’s important: Your WHY may not change, but the EXPRESSION of that why can. Have you evolved yours lately? My clients do this on a continuing basis… with many Real benefits. Take some time to ponder this, its well worth it.


2. Don’t ASSUME you’ll be in love forever… not unless you work on this relationship. If things aren’t working out for you two, you’ve got to DO something about it. Honest assessment, aka a ‘growth mindset’ is helpful order to do so. We all have multiple mindsets, yet often forget our interest in ‘growth’ can be a huge motivator. Perhaps an outside eye would help too (that’s what I do very well). Do what you must but as with any relationship, its up to you to keep it fresh, and to know when to let go. Often the best ideas are not obvious.


3. DECIDE. Decide that you are ready to move forward into a new version of love. Invest in yourself, and in your business. This may mean adding team, reworking your business model or using creativity to design a new strategic plan. Once you decide, action will follow as the energy is moved forward. Action creates momentum and there you are… suddenly on a new path forward.


This is not all by any means, but it will be a start to recapture that feeling. That connection to that which you loved so. Your love is still there, yet it may be buried underneath a few layers of frustration and a bit of pain. 


Know that the best is yet to come… and that your choice to Love your business will lead to a life that you love as well. No matter what, you are able to keep positive, keep moving and reinvent your love for this chapter of your own evolution. It’s actually a system of thinking, being and doing that will enhance the end product, your own productivity and personal development.


And let me know how you do mi amore… dream a dream that is worthy of a great ending…




(p.s… in honor of this Love, I have opened up 3 spots for a very special Love offering… 50% Off the usual investment…contact me to see if we are a fit to explore your own recipe for a delicious future… valid till Feb 25, 2017)


p.s.s….Here are a couple of TED talk links to the concepts mentioned above:
Simon Sinek:
Carol Dweck:
Martin Seligman:


Stay Unforgettable!,




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