Miracle breakthroughs – (for business success)

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Finally, I was able to fulfill one of my dreams… my first TV appearance. YAY!! Now, it wasn’t the FULL blown dream, but it was a step. Okay, okay, so it was a local show, not exactly Oprah, but it was a great beginning. And although its not often I’d mention it here… its important for you too.


Something happened that was a critical shift in my own growth, and it can be for you too. I’ve mentioned that this was something I’ve wanted and visualized for quite some time. For some reason, I can see myself on TV sharing and playing and creating positive experiences for all who come along. Knowing this, you’d think that when the opportunity arose I’d be calm, cool, collected and sure of doing well. Wrong. Beyond wrong.


Instead the feeling was fear. Nausea. Dread. A bit of freezing in my boots (I never knew what that meant before)…and some worry about the famous Looking Good, not old or fat or silly piece. All rolled into I conversations in my head about doing well, being clear, connecting my message and my mission to be there while all those feelings swirled.


Not being one who worries about speaking publicly this was rather new for me… and for a few days I had the pleasure (HA!) of observing myself go here every time I thought about it. Being a witness to my madness was interesting, but didn’t help at all.


Then something happened. Now is the morning of the show… and while headed to the studio for taping I pulled out of my driveway wondering if I’d puke on the way in. In that moment I decided this would not do. So I started to ask myself some questions:


What if this feeling wasn’t fear at all, what if it was actually excitement?
What if I was going to do a great job?
What if every word made complete sense and inspired others?
What if it had nothing to do with how I look but was all about the message I was sent to share?
What if my dad was watching over me and wouldn’t let me fail?
What if… what if….. what if… the list went on and on….


So much so, that I found myself some 19 minutes later pulling into the lot totally calm. TOTALLY.


I was in a completely different space. Calm. Clear. Comfortable. Certain.


All of that crazy energy had been completely transformed!! It was a miracle I swear. When this occurred I went in joyfully, ready to play, to promote, to put the message forward with ease. And that’s


This is great, yes? But Wait!! There’s More!!


As I drove home after the taping I found myself reflecting on all that had happened that day, and realized something critical. With the same curiousity, the same questions and probing it was clear that ANYtime these feelings came up, that there was a way to deal with them. Easily, swiftly and for the good of all. Don’t know about you, but for me any real crisis has me calm and cool, so what was different here? Staying in this place of inquiry allowed for something to happen to me chemically. To open up to something more rather than my old tapes of fear. In those moments new neuro-pathways were being created. Now my next experience will have a totally different outcome!


So I ask you…. Where and when does this happen to you and how will YOU turn it around to serve you, and the future you are meant to live?
What questions can you ask to go deeper into those feelings in ways that would serve you?
How can you bring forth the opposite of those current feelings?


We know that we are powerful beyond measure. Not the other guy… US! Here’s a chance to prove it to yourself and let a miracle in. Can’t wait to hear from you, do let me know when this happens or already has.


Stay Unforgettable!





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  • Prismatic Solutions

    Fantastic advice! Having recently started my own business, every day is filled with nerves and need and worry. After reading this, I will be making a daily effort to change those fear thoughts into questions with positive answers. Thank you so much!

    • Judy winslow

      That’s great news! Thanks for the comment… I’m excited for all the Miracle Breakthroughs that await you. AND a BIG Congratulations on starting your business! Wonderful!

    • Judy winslow

      A new business?! How very exciting for you and those you will serve. Changing to the positive is SO empowering for us all… good for you for moving forward no matter what. Thanks for the comment!

  • Virginia

    We are powerful beyond measure. If only we truly believed this at our core and acted with that ‘knowing’ most of the time. Our life would be filled with more ease, pleasure, and success – with far less effort and angst. Thanks for a good example from your life.

    • Judy winslow

      Powerful beyond measure… yes Virginia, we truly are. Thank you for adding that in.

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