Six Ways To Create Deeper Relationships

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Each day we are engaged in relationships. From the moment we awake we are relating. To ourselves, our families, our clothing, our clients, even our food, cars and inanimate objects. We are creatures involved in and creating moments of relate-ability. (I’m relating to my coffee cup right now.) 


For the last month or so, I’ve really been looking at this. Sometimes it feels so easy. We’re in flow, we’re understood, we understand, the dance is graceful and enjoyable. Other times it’s darn challenging. In a wink we can be misconstrued, tripped up, fall flat on our faces and miserably mess up. One phrase can be music to one person, and evil to another. One inflection or tone can alter the entire outcome. We simply have no idea what is ‘true’ for someone else until they share with us.


How on earth then, do we create deeper relationships in business? Just like everything else, it happens in bits. Bits of news, conversations, shared experiences. Often slowly, with some big leaps on occasion.


We are told that Relationship Marketing is the ‘new’ way to do business. WTH? Really? When wasn’t that the case? And since when is this activity only valuable in Marketing and Business Development?


Relationships are at the heart of all we do. When I hear people whine that they ‘don’t like to market… waah…’, I know that isn’t true. There is not a business owner I’ve met who doesn’t enjoy building some kind of relationship. Even when it’s sitting behind their computer, although this singular activity isn’t enough. Wasn’t and isn’t. Maybe we’d like to believe that there is one way to build relationships, but we know that isn’t true.


Here’s a few ways to build deeper relationships:

1. Listen deeply. If you need to, pretend you’re on a first date with someone REALLY interesting.

2. Put aside assumptions. We are each different, so check yourself from thinking you know anything… what if this is the FIRST time you’ve encountered this person?

3. Stay in connection. Relationships imply a span of time and space. Connecting could be a text, note or quick call, or a newsletter such as the one you’re reading right now.

4. Be your quirky self. This is a great time to be yourself. For you to be Unforgettable, it’s an imperative!

5. Have some fun. Another chance for differentiating. Send a fun photo, card or quote. Use snail mail, or a singing message. Be Creative!

6. Never give up. Humans aren’t all that trusting as a general rule. Don’t give up on you or the other party involved. Consistency and persistence are crucial to being a powerful brand, and rich relationship creator.

Whether it’s been a day or a year, reach out and connect again. It won’t hurt, the rewards are many for all concerned and life is fuller as you do so.

Would love your comments and thoughts below…

Stay Unforgettable!, 





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