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If you’re looking for someone who can give your audience a dynamic blend of business, marketing and personal development in a designed experience then your search is over. My blend of teaching, training and facilitation give each session or key-note a unique and vibrant energy.

I’ve worked with Madison Avenue biggies including top cosmetics companies, Cover Girl and Clairol; fashion designers Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Julian; and small financial institutions like the NY Stock Exchange, as well as smaller 6/7 figure business founders and CEO’s. This diversity has allowed me to ‘see’ things differently, which is a benefit to your organization. Learning comes from anywhere, it’s all about how we see and integrate it.

It also helps that my career spans over 25 years, including a stint at Women’s Day Magazine, where I met my first business partner. We began on a shoestring and went on to gross 6 figures the first year out, seven the second with tons of ups and downs along the way.

It’s always my goal to get my attendees motivated, spark their creative muscles and bring more fun, productivity and purpose to your business.
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“Judy Winslow’s presentation was informative and inspirational for our group. She allowed us to interact with her and each other and enabled us not only to listen to her presentation but to be a part of the presentation. The feedback I received as one of the organizers was extremely positive as people not only commented on the content of the presentation, but on the enjoyment of being a part of it. If you’re looking for a speaker who is informative, dynamic and has the ability to involve her audience, I’d recommend Judy, as she would be an asset for information, motivation and inspiration for your group. We walked away inspired and informed to move forward.”

Lynda J.
Southwest Florida Paralegal Association, Inc.

Some of the ‘official version’:

I’m a graduate of the University of Denver, with an MFA in Communication Arts (aka: graphic design) as well as a Coach U. graduate, with numerous Addy awards (the industry standard) for corporate identity work (which means logos and their packages), am published on and off-line with articles, blog and book, was recognized in a Top 100 Coaching Blog listing along with Tony Robbins, Martha Beck and Andrea J. Lee, plus I’m engaged in continuous learning to grow my skills.

I’m truly committed to getting the message out of the benefits of innovative thinking, being yourself (when you recall who that is!) to align authenticity with core values to begin sculpting a strategy for success in any endeavour.

I’ve joyfully and gratefully spoken to audiences at The Atlanta Creativity Exchange Conference, Interior Refiners Network National Conference, ASTD of Sarasota, The Florida Creativity Conference Weekend, The Journey Conference, The Digital Global Marketing Summit (DGMS) and a multitude of radio shows just to name a few.

My social media reach is over 9,800 including FB, LI, IG, Twitter and my own list.

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