Stuck in Your Business Already?

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Here we are… that time of year when we are told that many of us quit our ‘resolutions’ or intentions or goals or whatever you may call them for this new year… that many get depressed and seriously stuck in your business about now. Or maybe you’re like me, going for such a strong start that I’m sometimes exhausted by all the pushing and striving, sometimes frustrated that I’m not leaping into the new year.



One year a dear friend of mine told me ‘this year is the worst Ever!!’… and that was on January 4th! We still talk about that comment to this day, only gratefully now we can laugh about it. It can be hard not to judge ourselves or our progress, especially if we get off to a rough start. Often clients are frustrated if they don’t have their vision for the year ironed out as yet.


How bout you? If you’re feeling like you’re already stuck, how will you find the ways to keep moving, to be lifted up rather than let down by your own inner voices?


Procrastination, confusion, and other factors are often culprits and can be something we are good at (which isn’t so good) or something we continue to learn to move away from. Putting off and putting off until we are more worried than motivated towards moving forward. Use these tips below to alter how your year ends, and more importantly how YOU feel Plus the impact you can make for yourself and your business.


  1. Break your year into quarters.
    Accomplishing and seeing tasks in 90 day increments is much easier to grasp and do than longer time chunks.
  2.  Think Big – Start small
    Called micro-steps, these can lead to Large Leaps (the Kaizen way). Consider, working on something for 10 minutes — (when its something I really don’t like too much) or maybe 2 hours, fully giving yourself the focus needed to stay present and productive.
  3. Design a MAP
    A Motivating Action Plan that will help you ‘drive’ to your destination.
  4. Get support
    This is an awesome time to get a coach or coach-sultant (which I am) to develop a solid strategy with additional expertise (as ours is business building and yours is doing what you do best), and be sure you breakthrough any old patterns that can keep you in a stuck place.
  5. Delegate
    There must be someone on your team or beyond who you can outsource to that can help. Whether its getting your house cleaned or taking some business tasks off your plate.


Start here and you are sure to have a year unlike any you’ve had before. Your time is Now, the world needs what you’ve got to offer! Setting ourselves up for success isn’t hard but sometimes going it alone is the hardest part.


What can you do now to change this cycle of being stuck and procrastinating for yourself? Let me know how you’re doing, it helps us all be better professionals!


P.S… if you’d really like to ensure you’re on the path to growth, do reserve a Brand Expansion Session with me. I’ve got 3 set aside as gifts if you qualify, and I’d be glad to help. Not to sell you! Here’s the link:


Stay Unforgettable!,




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