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For me, it’s that time of year when I seriously assess how this year has played out. Not to say that my eye isn’t on that ball all of the time, but there’s a difference between running full out, looking over my shoulder and sitting down to have some time to contemplate what has occurred. To truly take a look at what’s occurred.


This is not a time to judge. More of an opportunity to acknowledge what worked, what surprised me, what was created with intention and all that I learned to move forward with. In my personal quest to be better, to become an Unforgettable Brand, there are elements that my eye can see with greater clarity in hindsight.


It’s also the time to think about the year to come. There’s a process to designing our future with intention and purpose, which I thought I’d share a piece of with you this month. It’s impossible to fit it all here, but a few tips can give you a start.


1. Decide. Decide the kind of lifestyle you want to have. How many hours you’d like to work and from where. Is it home or office, virtual or brick and mortar? How did it go this past year and what changes would you like to make?


2. Look. Look inside yourself to see how much you enjoyed the year. Is this your idea of living your passion and purpose? Or is there something missing that could expand you and your reach? Which areas were fun and effortless? Can you do more of that and clear out some of those that didn’t feel as enjoyable?


3. Learn. Where is most of your revenue coming from? Can that revenue be increased by repeating or expanding those services? What additional services can you provide that will provide additional solutions for your clients and provide you with additional revenue streams? What did you do over the last year that was really great for you and for your clients? Where can you strengthen your skills?


4. Plan. Now is the time to solidly plan the next 6 to 12 months. Begin to imagine yourself being wildly successful. Only when that piece is defined can you create the action that will accompany your vision. Want to reach thousands more people? Begin to see the path forward. Plan in a deliberate and constructive way.


5. Serve. Service to yourself and others will position you as an expert. Creating an Unforgettable presence in your market can only come to fruition when you’re out there, in service, meeting the needs of your market. Look at how your service can be elevated, so that you are the only choice in your niche. Pulling clients towards you will be much more graceful when you come from this place. Try something new. Use video. Write an article, get a speaking gig. Get out there!


Growing your brand is truly the opportunity to address your whole business in a manner that serves you as you serve others. It’s not something to do when you have the time. It’s done so that you have more time, so that you’re better aligned with your personal mission, and able to have the energy to build your life from ease and grace.

Your brand will give you a solid foundation for an Unforgettable business and most importantly, an Unforgettable LIFE!






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  • Happy Later

    Assessing the past year without any guilt can help one to make progress in future. What one dreams to accomplish in future depends mainly on reviewing the progress made and what could have been done in the past year. Learning from the past is most important. If one makes decisions using the lessons of the past when planning for the future then growth and success of the business in coming year is guaranteed.
    This can be applied to any person related to any field and even help in taking personal life decisions too.

    • Judy winslow

      Thank you for your comments! What really stood out here is ‘using the lessons of the past’. So often we punish ourselves rather than simply using it ALL as a chance to learn. We are a living classroom and experiment so there is nothing to forgive or punish ourselves for. Just keep learning and moving and Trust that something good is on the way. Perfect!

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