The Swirl

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In my  work I talk to people. Find out what’s bothering them, what gets in the way, hear any challenges they may be encountering. Honestly, its my privilege to have these conversations, so digging around and searching feeds my curious nature, and exploring for clarity is a worthy pursuit in my book.


Most come to me because they’re stuck in some way. Stuck in doing the same old thing, stuck not doing the same old, stuck in a flat revenue state, ready for the next ‘thing’ yet not seeing it. We’re rarely taught how to navigate such a time, not can we swim these waters alone. Our neuro-pathways aren’t designed to do so.


I may arrive on your radar because of a need for assistance in a particular area, but the fact is that your experiencing the ‘swirl’. The Swirl is my technical term for all that stuff. The confusion. The frustration. The overwhelm. The fear. Exhaustion. The beliefs that no longer serve. The whole enchilada. Left unattended this can be rather devastating.


The Swirl has two main effects. Three if you’re lucky. Paralyzation is a big one. Spiraling is another. Again, these are technical terms, so allow me to explain. Both have similar symptoms. Doing nothing, worrying, procrastinating (which you know is the gateway to doubt and fear). And the famous yeah-buts we can do are the top contenders. Anger or perhaps whining can also interject. We each have our go-to.


We create our own cocktail with the Swirl. Mine is procrastination. My personal red flag of trouble. Almost without fail this will lead to spiraling which is a dark and dreary place. Full Swirl is an ugly mess…. and left unattended the effects can be rather devastating.


But there’s another option that can accompany the Swirl. The decision to break free, to break the habit. Yes, the number one way to battle this malady is to get support, hire an expert, work a proven system that’s helped others. You’re not meant to be trapped in this dark place! You have work to do, a life to live, light to spread! Just as you wouldn’t think of doing dental work on yourself, or as you have accountants to help with your taxes, this is the time to have someone on your success team to shorten the time line, to right the ship, to get back on track.


To get you started with unraveling the Swirl, let me suggest:

  1. Notice your symptoms. This may be an inordinate time with email, Facebook or too much TV. I imagine you know your own go-to symptom. 
  2. Take some time as soon as you notice, and begin to make a list of all that’s making you crazy at this moment. Do so in a place you enjoy. Nature perhaps, or in the bathtub, or out on a drive (you can dictate to your phone). 
  3. Choose one area that if it changed, everything would begin to feel right again. This can be a challenge so start small. You don’t have to move a mountain here, just throw a pebble into the water. Make a call to a prospect or client to check in. Write a letter. Explore with your consultant some options for positive change. Something. Then go do it. Without more thinking and waiting. 
  4. Take action. A small step forward.


Of course this is only the beginning. It won’t hurt a bit, in fact it will feel great! The  Swirl is a habit just begging to be broken, and seeing that you’re in a Swirl stage will signal the time to grow beyond your current conditions and circumstances. When we embrace this place we are indicating that we are ready to grow to our next level of our best selves. So, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re brilliant self has been designed to alert you, and I for one, can’t wait to see what you and we will embark upon next. 


You are a leader, here to make a difference. Reframing and moving beyond this place is critical for us. The world awaits the gifts you possess. If you’re ready, I’d be honored to Swirl with you, to explore and to make real the vision that awaits.


Stay Unforgettable!,



p.s….If you’d like to do some break through work to up level your business, ask me about my Brand Leaders Strategy Session… only 2 available per month with my compliments. 


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