Understanding Your Season of Business

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Spring is my favorite time of year…The new leaves just coming out that are the fresh light green of emeralds, filled with the promise of a full life… the summer ahead to come into their glory, shade spilling, rain tapping, and rustling as the summer wind blows through them.

The other day while in New Jersey, I was walking through the woods, marveling at the canopy overhead as its not something I get to see too often in Florida. Ever so quickly my dog Wally took off after a chipmunk bringing my attention back to the ground. The ground is covered in layers and layers and layers of dead leaves and trees. But today I saw something different…

Today what I noticed was how essential the leaves on the ground are. They aren’t dead, they are releasing nutrients into the earth, providing shelter for all sorts of big and small critters, creating food for the deer, gophers and all, and giving the birds material for their homes.


The same is so for us in business. Some parts of us are coming alive, moving from Idea into Being, from tiny seed of a thought form into a full blown business, while other parts are no longer essential or useful. These can be systems, or team members, or ways of thinking. Even we are part of this process as we constantly assess what we need now to move to the next level of growth. We have our season, the business has its season.


Before I thought of this rather simply. Spring is birth, Summer is a time to grow and thrive, in Fall we harvest and in Winter we cocoon and incubate. Now I am seeing that each season has many facets, and it’s up to us to assess so we can use our energy for our highest good.


Business is multi-faceted so in order to be a successful Leader we’ll be dancing between all of these. An idea is being ‘hatched’ while another is being ‘let go’ of. Lessons we learn from a failing system will fertilize the soil for new and better systems to come.


Today I ask you to notice where you are in the cycle of seasons… And use that information to move you ahead with ease and grace. Here are a few examples that can serve (notice the language here):


Ramping up a business (aka Spring): Look for how to feed your ideas, how to fertilize your vision, how to support your new flowers as they grow. We look for a solid foundation here, with the team, systems and business model to support your vision.


Growing fully (Summer): Here you’ll add to the garden, your leaves will spread, your fruit will begin to ripen. Here is where our focus is on bringing our ideas to life, where we implement knowing our foundation is solid and ready to support the growth we see. When our summer comes, we are ready for our ideal clients to find us, we have the expertise and resources to serve our audience fully as is needed. We continue to ‘water’ our ideas, we feed (or engage) our clients; sharing what we’re upgrading and we evolve into a newer version of ourselves.


Fall: is a time of harvest, time to take our ripened fruit in. Time to till the soil so that it is prepared for winter. Time to gather and begin the process of collecting what we’ve learned to be used in the seasons ahead. This is when we assess, strategize, plan.


Winter: Ah, the time to sleep. Hibernation. In business this is the time to have time off, to take a break, to dream of what’s next. To give ourselves the space to Feel into what is being planted in us as we evolve into a new version of ourselves. As we discover how every step we’ve taken has lead to our now. Winter allows us to discover what we’ll be giving birth to come Spring. To shed some of the items not working as we’d like anymore.


And so the cycles of season go. Give yourself the chance to see how each season is occurring for you right now. Take some time to identify each facet for yourself. Then look to see how you can use that season to its fullest. Look for what you can do to water, fertilize, harvest, or what tiny seeds are being formed and planted.


Wishing you a glorious Spring and great joy while fertilizing the ideas and plans of your future.


Stay Unforgettable!, 






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