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This morning I was dreaming about the Beatles. Weird, right? But even stranger than that was the context. In the midst of all this crazy stuff that was going on, I was noticing all the ways that the Beatles taught us about marketing, so of course I had to share it with all of you.

What a great way to end the year OR start a new one. Here’s the top take aways courtesy of the Beatles:


1.   PASSION is critical. Not only passion, but the ability to communicate your excitement to others. You may recall how much fun they seemed to have while performing (at least in the early days).

2.   KEEP IT SIMPLE. I mean really, how simple was ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’? The BlakEyed Peas took this mantle up in present day, as have multiple others, and with great success. When you keep your message simple and your goal clear, its much easier to hit the mark, and be heard by your ideal audience. Hence the screaming fans.

3.   DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT. The Beatles came to America with ‘crazy’ haircuts and fashion and we all fell in love. Different is SO GOOD! Your brand depends on it.

4.   There is STRENGTH IN TEAMS. Not forever perhaps, but their team dynamic fueled big hits, gave way to bold action, and allowed some really big dreams to be realized. Get a team like that in place, and you’re sure to move forward quickly.


5.   TRUST YOURSELF. No one was doing music like they were, yet they stayed true to themselves, trusted that they were on track and that they’d find their place int he world, and man on man they sure did.


Of course there are many other lessons they taught us, but I ask you as one year ends and other begins, how are you going to use these principles in your business? They may seem elementary yet there is gold there my friends. Ask yourself what do you REALLY want this year, and then make sure you’ve got a plan to get there. Hire the support you need to make it happen, and voila! Who knows you may even go Platinum in your industry!   







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  • Leland Sandler

    These steps sounds simple but yet it is the main core value of putting up a business or attaining success for your business. Don’t stop pursuing what you want, if you think it’s odd at first, and no one is doing it, but you love what you’re doing then pursue it. It will unveil into something new which people may love and accept later on. Who knows? People now a days loves something NEW!

    • Judy winslow

      Appreciate your comment! Yes, a big piece is not stopping for sure. We never know what will happen with our passion and efforts. Go for your dreams! yes! Thanks Leland.

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