What’s Burning Up Your Biz?

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Fires. They’ve been blazing in California destroying property, land and dreams. No matter how famous you might be, you’re not immune as this natural disaster knows no class or bounds. It’s been so sad to watch even from afar. Its as if I can almost smell the smoke somehow. Maybe its the empathy for those who have been through other big events and storms. They can be so devastating. Not long ago we were nervously waiting to see if one might hit where my home is and it was not fun for a few hours until we were certain we were safe. And even with that, I am still dealing with the damage.


Each day I work with fires as my clients are all Fire Chiefs. Yup, every entrepreneur or CEO is constantly thrown into some crisis that’s about to blow up into an out-of-control blaze that needs taming immediately. Fighting these fires derails them from their intended path as they need to zig and zag to handle the fires path, rather than their own. Plus its exhausting to live in this constant state of alarm when our energy would be better used on the growth of our business.


This is often when people come to me. When the fire is getting a bit too hot to handle. They may not say so, but as we discuss what’s happening we will often see that there have been a few fires that are threatening the well being of the company. If any of them begin to rage the company could be done. Finito. Understanding how to put them out is critical, but what is even more important is covered in the points below….


What to do when you’ve got to stop being a Fire Chief and Start being a CEO again:

1. Don’t fight it alone

Get help. Success and Life is a team sport. Remember NO business owner can do it alone. Stay in your zone of genius, build a success team that will lift all higher. Can you imagine One guys fighting a huge blaze?

2. Identify all the fires so you know where to begin

Sometimes we assume we know which biz fire will be the biggest one to handle.. do a full assessment before you take action. Often there are embers and small fires that can eliminate future threats. When we assess periodically, we can see those more clearly and act. Effective leaders take the time to stop, assess, then design a path to the light.

3. Get lots of rest so you’re stronger than the fire.

Self care is So under rated. We need to be our best to be effective against any fire. Large or small, our health IS the path to our wealth. Wealth without health is meaningless, Nor can we be strong enough to fight fires deftly.

4. Learn the lessons of the fire. 

Every disaster is teaching us. We must grow to avoid similar fires in the future. See it as an opportunity and create processes or systems to avoid repeats in the future. There are many kinds of fires, so how will you deal with any particular one in the future.

5. Honor the fire. It can really burn you!

These stinkers are HOT! Just like a fire fighter wears protective clothing, you can gather protective information or even create a product that prevents others from getting burned. Prevent forest fires by taking the precautions that honor the fire… and the fighter.


Any time you can focus all your energy on being a better CEO of your business and life rather than the destructive forces that may derail, its a good day. Growth will happen when we have that fire for sure, as the earth gives new life where there is none, but truly is that what you desire? Or would you rather spend your days planting seeds for future growth that can be fed and nurtured to build a forest… yielding services and products we need in the world without the threat of destruction. Please let this be a time to plan for avoiding the fire, plan for designing ways to mitigate the destruction and groom yourself to not have the need for a Fire Chief. Life will be much more enjoyable.


The fire I’d like to help with is the one that lights your soul… the fire that burns deep within, and is ready to light the world. 


Happy holidays and please let me know if I can assist in your designing a future that lights up the sky with sun… no smoke required.


Stay your Unforgettable self!,




p.s… to start your year out right, I’m reserving a special amount of Expansion Sessions for those that are Ready to STOP fighting fires and ignite flames of passionate growth. Let me know if one is for You! 





J. Winslow
Branding Specialist and Strategic Planner, J. Winslow brings decades of solid experience to each project and leader she interacts with. Clients range from non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to Madison Avenue Biggies including: Women’s Day Magazine, Cover Girl and Elizabeth Taylor. She also enjoys working with TEDx speakers and students ready to leverage their own brand stories. 



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